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Re: [z_scale] Track Cleaning

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  • Tom Fisher
    Thanks. That s what I needed, and I did see your names mentioned one or 2 places, but I didn t see a link. ... __________________________________ Do you
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 1, 2004
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      Thanks. That's what I needed, and I did see your
      names mentioned one or 2 places, but I didn't see a

      --- Glenn and Sandy Stiska <stiska@...>
      > Hi Tom,
      > We stock the Gaugemaster track cleaner.
      > We are Z Gauge enthusiasts and hobbyists and have
      > had
      > electronic track cleaners on each of our 6 main
      > lines for the
      > past 13 years with very satisfactory results and
      > without any
      > damage to any engine. It cleans the tracks by
      > constantly
      > and automatically sending an electric current
      > through the
      > wheels whenever it sees a high resistance. It is
      > connected
      > to the transformer and to the track. Gaugemaster
      > has
      > instructions on the package and we also include our
      > own
      > instructions with each unit.
      > Pricing is as follows: $34.00 for each unit plus
      > $6.00 for
      > shipping for your order [whether you buy 1 or more].
      > A
      > money order or your personal check will be fine.
      > Please
      > mail your payment to us at:
      > Glenn and Sandy Stiska
      > 1045 Porter Drive
      > Largo, FL 33771-1229
      > Happy Z...ing
      > Glenn and Sandy
      > stiska@...
      > Telephone: 727-535-3819
      > Electronic Automatic Single Output Track Cleaner
      > for use with all types of controllers.
      > Specifications: The 12v D.C. controlled output from
      > the controller is passed through the unit.
      > Connection
      > between unit, power source, controller, and track is
      > completed via six terminal connections. The unit
      > superimposes a harmless high frequency signal over
      > the output from the controller. When a poor contact
      > between loco and rail is detected the unit switches
      > on,
      > ionising the gap and burning off the dirt, switching
      > off
      > again when contact is restored.
      > Measurements: L3" x H2-5/16" x W1-1/8"
      > on 4/1/04 3:18 PM Tom Fisher wrote:
      > I did a quick search of the Encyclopdeia and Google,
      > and I didn't come up with a vendor for track
      > cleaning
      > apparatus (e.g., Relco, Gaugemaster). What is
      > available? What is recommended? Where can it be
      > purchased (there isn't a local hobby store, that is
      > not an option)?

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