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UMTRR 2000.11 (10)

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    The Unofficial Micro-Trains® Release Report November, 2000 Copyright (C) 2000, George J. Irwin. Z SCALE NEW RELEASES: 17009, $42.75, Marklin Coupler; 17009-2,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2000
      The Unofficial Micro-Trains� Release Report
      November, 2000
      Copyright (C) 2000, George J. Irwin.


      17009, $42.75, Marklin Coupler; 17009-2, $44.45, Micro-Trains
      F-7B Locomotive, Pennsylvania.� Freight Scheme of Brunswick
      Green (black, really) with yellow lettering and single stripe.� Road
      Number 9648B (will be PRR 9648B in website listing).� Approximate Time
      Period: early 1950's to late 1960's.

      There were a total of 1483 F7B units sold by Electro-Motive, and
      the 76 units purchased by the Pennsylvania gave them just over 5% of the
      total run.� Although the Pennsy was well known in railroading as sampling at
      least one of just about anything (a 1:1 accumulator, perhaps?) it did
      settle in with about enough of the F series locomotives to constitute a
      fleet.� They could be found all over the place on the line, with the
      possible exception of the electrified Northeast Corridor territory.�

      The B units came in handy to increment the amount of horsepower by 1500
      without adding engineers; A-B-B-B-A sets were not out of the question, and
      I'd wager that that was nowhere near the record.�

      MTL's second paint scheme for the relatively new unpowered B
      unit comes in the as delivered Brunswick Green livery; the Pennsy's
      official color for freight service locomotives and also for passenger
      diesels until the early 1950's.� Ever see a Pennsy E8 in Brunswick Green?�
      Photos exist!� There's one in the Morning Sun book "Hudson to Horseshoe" by
      William D. Volkmer.

      To get an idea of what the "P" Company's F units might have been pulling,
      check out http//www.neuro.ccf.org/~bejm/Rail/Prr/Frtsched/
      which is a compendium of 1959 PRR Freight Schedules that is part of Mark
      Bej's "The Broad Way" Pennsy site.

      Z SCALE REPRINTS: No releases this month.

      Forget that November is National Model Railroading Month!�

      And you won't escape the annual plug, request, entreaty,
      whatever, from here at UMTRR HQ to all of you in cyberspace, to do what you
      can during this month to establish or encourage a new entrant into our
      hobby.� There are a variety of ways to do this, not the least of which is
      dragging... I mean, inviting the potential recruit to a local train show,
      particularly if it has operating displays.� There are other ideas as well,
      many of which are cheap if not entirely free. And if you're like me,
      you've got a pile of stuff you've outgrown that might be just the ticket to
      get a youngster started.� So that's your homework assignment for the month;
      meanwhile, we'll see you during the month on the companion mailing list
      umtrr@egroups.com and right
      here next month with another bunch of news and views.� Until then, enjoy the
      Thanksgiving holiday and do the best you can!

      --George in Ellison Park, New York
      --Author, The Unofficial Micro-Trains Release Report
      Visit the website: http://gji.home.netcom.com

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