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Re: March Model Railroader

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  • jim_manley_alpha_six
    GreetingZ EarthlingZ, Got the March MR Saturday, and what the reporters of the article on Lyn St. Laurent s luscious layout didn t mention was that IT S THE
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      GreetingZ EarthlingZ,

      Got the March MR Saturday, and what the reporters of the article on
      Lyn St. Laurent's luscious layout didn't mention was that IT'S THE
      FEATURED CENTERFOLD ARTICLE!!! Just flop open the magazine at the
      staples and there it is, in all its colored glory (I really hate the
      whole concept of "perfect binding", where everything is glued
      together, including the furshlugginger subscription and advertising
      cards, don't you?). Yeah, technically the article before it ends on
      the left side of the foldout centerfold and is an HO layout, but you
      don't even notice that as you open up the centerfold, and are stunned
      with a two-page-wide panorama overlooking waves washing up on the
      Southern California coast, as a pair of SP trains pass each other
      along the beach, and a 1-1/4" high red article title shouts
      "California in Z". It brings back fond memories from Boy Scout camps,
      sneaking the first peeks at magazines with centerfolds stolen from the
      senior scouts' tent. "Just look at her! What a beauty!! Check out
      those curves!!! Hey, stop dribbling, you'll make the pages stick
      together!!!!" Gotta wipe the dripping saliva. Hey, what were _you_
      thinking, you dirty ol' pervert?!?

      I realize the graybeards in the group have already seen the layout,
      but the multiple-scene/terrain/season diorama effect in a square-ish
      loop that Lyn produced is really quite unique - simple, but very
      effective and elegant, and great for showing off the strengths of Z in
      modeling long trains on track meandering through various landscapes.

      Congratulations, Lyn - you've put us on the map in a big way that
      apparently hasn't happened in a long time. The last Z article in MR
      was in 1985??? No wonder it took me so long to find out about it,
      even if I was overseas most of the time since then.

      All Z BeZt,

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Steven Delibert" <STEVDEL@p...> wrote:
      > From Kalmbach's website See item 4:
      > The March 2004 issue is now shipping to subscribers and will be on
      > sale at hobby shops and newsstands on February 10. Here's a sneak
      > peak at what's in this month's issue...
      > Features include:
      > >> Cover story: Rugged mountain vistas on George Sellios' Franklin &
      > >> South Manchester Line
      > >> Step by Step: Quick mainline details
      > >> Roque Bluffs, Part 6: wiring and scenery
      > >> California in Z: the SP in a small bedroom
      > >> Modelers guide to Alco freight diesels
      > >> Signaling made easier, Part 3: Software
      > >> 1966: A year you can model
      > >> Easy house kitbash
      > >> Information Desk: Compact tank-car terminals
      > >> DCC Corner: Installing N scale decoders
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