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Re: [z_scale] Just in time for Halloween, the coupler questions keep coming up

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  • Reynard Wellman
    Hello George, I m kinda all over the map when it comes to couplers. Frankly I ve got a lot of American rolling stock with MT couplers and a lot with Marklin
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2000
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      Hello George,
      I'm kinda all over the map when it comes to couplers. Frankly I've got a
      lot of American rolling stock with MT couplers and a lot with Marklin
      couplers. I used to think that I only wanted the MT couplers but have
      gotten used to Marklin, even though they are slightly bigger. Yes, Marklin
      puts its trucks too far in and they do not follow NMRA standards but these
      trains are designed to operate in small small spaces and it allows longer
      cars to negotiate Marklin's tight tight curved tracks. We all remember the
      Styracokasote debate last month so I won't even go there, but I really like
      the look of Marklin's American cars and cabooses. They chose the most
      brightly painted items to model and they look great on the layout.
      Marklin's tank cars are especially nice.

      It is very destructive to try to change out trucks and couplers and if you
      don't get the coupler height perfect, you'll have eternal troubles with
      disconnects and derailments. For myself, I'm going to try to live with both
      coupler styles from now on with just a few key cars modified to have one MT
      coupler on one end and one Marklin coupler on the opposite end. That way I
      negotiate both the best and the worst of both worlds.


      "George A.Vega" wrote:

      > Ok all you guru's, I've finally decided to replace/remount my Marklin
      > US rolling stock with MT trucks with couplers. I tried the MT901/902
      > coupler drop-in's but it's not looking very prototypical. The Marklin
      > US rolling stock has trucks that are mounted too far into the chassis
      > to make them look or function correctly. After serious consultation
      > with the multi-talented D.A. Karp, I need more information. Here are
      > your fastest fingered questions:
      > How do I remove the Marklin trucks; pull out, twist out, or yank out?
      > I know I have to get the MT tap/drill set, but which drill do you
      > recommend; Dremel, other preferences?
      > Which trucks do you recommend for the steam to diesel transition era;
      > Bettendorf, Archbar or Roller Bearing?
      > What other tools do I need to complete the job? Any other suggestions
      > (other than two aspirin)?
      > I am sure to surprise all of you with one or two more questions.
      > >From this humble newbie, I am not worthy (on my knees).
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