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Re: [z_scale] Re: Look what went by my office on Tuesday

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  • Loren Snyder
    ... From: Charles Kuttner To: Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2004 9:22 PM Subject: [z_scale] Re: Look what went by
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      Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2004 9:22 PM
      Subject: [z_scale] Re: Look what went by my office on Tuesday

      > The local engine that keeps me fascinated is:
      > http://www.pnwc-nrhs.org/pnw-trains/SP4449.html
      > I recall being in a local station (Albany, OR) a number of years ago
      > and seeing, hearing, and feeling this fire-breathing monster come up to
      > me.
      Hi Charles, Your recollection of 4449 being in Albany
      years ago brings back some fond memories for me also. I was living in
      Albany when 4449 came through town and I went down to the station to see
      here come through. She was indeed a beautiful creature to behold.
      My memory is a bit hazy and I'm not sure if it was her or another engine at
      some other time, but the wild side of that encounter was when a bunch of
      train nuts, (who me?) tried following her down to Eugene along old highway
      99 E. The highway parallels the tracks for some distance near Junction City
      area or there abouts, and not just a few of us otherwise law abiding (?)
      citizens wanted to see her up to speed, close and personal
      like...........so...........there is only one (logical?) thing to do, and
      that is to jockey for position for the best photo op while trying to
      maintain some sort of control of our own speeding cars while filming and
      gawking and rubber necking in general.
      I do seem to recall, (rather sheepishly) that all of us looked more like the
      Keystone Cops and why some of us didn't meet our maker in a fiery head on
      collision, is beyond me? You haven't lived until you have
      risked life and limb chasing a monster like 4449 ! I'm not kidding you,
      several of us could have gotten jobs as stunt drivers after that bit of
      mayhem ! I didn't know ordinary folks could drive like that......swerving
      around each other, almost going into the ditches, slamming on our brakes,
      honking horns, speeding up and almost eating up the bumper of the guy in
      front of you.........I tell you Charles, it doesn't get any better than that
      !!!! Phew.......even thinking back at that time got my pulse pounding a bit
      !!! Like many I'm sure, I'm a bit envious of
      Bill down there in Texas being able to reach out and touch 3985 ! Super
      Bowl......what super bowl?......man get a grip on reality!!!!!!......there's
      a train in town !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Betcha a quarter that Bill is first in line
      with his camera when she pulls out of town???? Bill, be gererous, let other
      people take pictures too!! Well, enough of this trivia, I've got some
      modules to assemble !!
      Charles, hope to meet you in Portland at GATS on the 14th and 15th. I'll be
      passing through Albany on my way up to Portland and may stop by the station
      and reminisce about yesteryear. Keep Zmiling, Loren S
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