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NTS2000 - Roadtrip Day 8 Report

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Good evening, fellow readers of the Train Show Chronicles. I have been searching for an elegant way to begin my report of Day 8 of our Excellent Adventure It
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2000
      Good evening, fellow readers of the Train Show Chronicles.

      I have been searching for an elegant way to begin my report of Day 8 of our
      Excellent Adventure

      It has been a long day and our adventure is still far from over. Our travel
      plans for today were to take us from Redding, CA, where we had 1 HSS at
      Train Depot Hobbies to Vancouver, WA, with 2 more HSS's along the way.
      Well, as the cliche goes, "The best laid plans of mice and men 'oft go
      awry!" Such a fate has befallen our intrepid band of adventurers. Not more
      than 100 yards from our motel this morning, our faithful vehicle suffered a
      breakdown. Guess what? We're still in Redding, CA this evening!

      The story of our car problems would make amusing reading but I should stick
      to the theme of our expedition. Suffice to say that the garage is waiting
      for parts that may or may not arrive in time for us to meet our departing
      flight from Portland, OR, Thursday, August 10, 2000 at 6:35 am.

      I have learned in my travels that a true test of compatibility of travelling
      companions is a moment of critical decision. In our case, the decision is
      essentially how to get back to Portland in time (keeping in mind that we are
      travelling with 4 suitcases containing highly fragile and valuable layouts).
      I am very happy to report that the four of us are STILL talking to each

      Reaching a consensus on our contingency plan was relatively straightforward.
      We presented the various options from the most expedient to the most cost
      effective, to the most extravagant, to the most comfortable and so on. Then
      while Terry and I were out getting the water bottle from the cooler in
      another room, the 2 women members of the expedition decided what we should
      do! Easy! After 8 days of travelling in package mode, our companions made
      up OUR minds!

      The car will not be repaired in time tomorrow for us to reach Portland
      before the deadline. We must therefore rent a car for the return trip. We
      would repack the suitcases for shipment by Fedex - surface and send them on
      their way tomorrow morning. Then we would all continue to Vancouver in a
      rental car. Terry and Helen would say goodbye to us Thursday morning at the
      airport then return to Redding on Friday morning to collect their fully
      functional car.

      Allll righty then! BUT...we had to rent a car first! For some strange
      reason, there is a major shortage of rental vehicles in Redding. In fact,
      most of the major rental companies had no vehicles available in Northern
      California. As Terry made call after call, going down the yellow page
      listings, we were beginning to become increasingly nervous, until...SUCCESS!
      We found a car with Northland at the Redding airport. With any luck, we
      will be able to continue our adventure, although the Excellent part has
      taken a little battering.

      Reflecting over the day's activities, other than the 5 hours that were spent
      in the garage lounge until we learned that the mechanic had broken the only
      replacement part in town, leaving us stranded overnight, we had a good visit
      in Redding. We met Bill, the owner of the Train Depot Hobby Shop on
      Railroad Avenue who let us visit his 60' by 40' HO layout housed in the
      storage area adjoining the hobby shop. It was fun to talk with Bill and
      watch the UP Dash 9 diesels pulling a long 50 car train through the finished
      scenery on his layout. This 3 man club layout was better than most of the
      layouts that we saw on our layout tour at the NMRA National Convention. Go
      to see it if you have the opportunity.

      We visited Joanne Fabrics, Target, Safeway and a quaint little used book
      boutique where we finally found a reference book on the Pony Express. Never
      mind why!

      We ate well and we had lots of time to tell stories of our trips, of the
      kids, of the way it used to be and about the way it should be!

      Wrapping up the report on the Z scale drawings at the National Train show,
      here is the breakdown of the 43 entries that were completed by our Z

      34 are operators, 20 have a layout, 19 model European, 14 model American, 5
      are Ztrack subscribers, 3 are collectors, 4 belong to a model club, 4 are
      members of the NMRA and 4 are members of Z_Scale@egroups.

      I will certainly keep you posted on tomorrow's developments, hopefully from
      Vancouver, WA.

      Jeffrey MacHan
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