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NTS2000 Road Trip - Day 2 Report

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Hello to all from San Jose, CA, site of the 2000 National Train Show beginning August 4th. First things first, a few corrections to Day 1. The hobby shop in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2000
      Hello to all from San Jose, CA, site of the 2000 National Train Show
      beginning August 4th.

      First things first, a few corrections to Day 1. The hobby shop in
      Jacksonville, Oregon is called Scheffel's Toys, P.O. Box 626, 180 West
      California Street, Jacksonville, Oregon, 97530, telephone (541) 899-7421
      www.scheffels.com c/o Bill & Linda Graham, owners.

      And apologies to Terry Sutfin's temperature sensor in his car which read
      105� when we pulled into Redding, CA yesterday evening. It seems that the
      mercury hit 114� at 3pm in Redding and the car thermometer was bang on.
      Today's high temperature was 101� heading into Napa County.

      The second day of our road trip was even more eventful than day 1. Starting
      with the bad news, I am writing to you from the desk of my room at the San
      Jose Airport Motel 6 where I made reservations 6 months ago for this week.
      Unfortunately, Motel 6 made the reservation for yesterday! The consequence
      of this little numerical error is that both Terry and I have been charged
      for a night on our credit cards and that we do NOT have reservations for the
      rest of the week.

      As you can imagine the hotels, motels, campgrounds and park benches are
      booked solid for this week of the convention. We were lucky to have found 2
      rooms for this evening. After much telephoning, we now have rooms from
      Thursday to Sunday at a motel 20 miles from the train show. We do not
      however, have rooms for tomorrow night. This will be our number one
      priority for after breakfast!I also have a little something that I want to
      sort out with Motel 6 reservations!!!

      Fortunately, my travelling companions have not reacted badly to this little
      setback. I'm sure that I will calm down eventually. We did after all, have
      a wonderful trip to San Jose.

      Today took us over the Coastal Mountains, along exhilarating winding canyon
      roads, through the beautiful Napa Valley into picturesque villages where we
      made 3 HSSs (hobby shop stops). Thanks to my wife, Marthe, we made a stop at
      Santa Rosa, CA, where Terry found a wonderful hobby shop and train store
      called Trucks and Trains. There we were greeted warmly by the owner, Owen
      Shirwo and his employee, Howard Hansen.

      The selection of Z was well presented and our hosts made every effort to
      make our shopping experience enjoyable, especially the part about offering a
      hefty discount for our purchaces. Needless to say, I could not resist and I
      made my first Z acquisitions of the trip which will be running on the layout
      at the train show later this week. We had a great time shopping and
      shooting the breeze with Owen and Howard. They really want to encourage Z
      in their community and will ship world wide. Check them out for some good
      deals on MTL mostly.

      Trucks and Trains
      Hobbies and Collectables
      4237 Montgomery Drive
      Santa Rosa, CA, 95405

      Terry, I found out, is a master at finding train stores. After our visit to
      Trucks & Trains, we headed south along highway 101 to Petaluma where we made
      a brief visit to Models and More, a full line hobby shop. The Z selection
      was quite small although I was able to find another of my most wanted items
      from their display case. Terry was able to resist since there were no
      discounts to be had at this store.

      It was still early when we headed over the John F. McCarthy bridge to
      Alameda, CA, so we made an attempt to visit a third hobby shop in
      Mountainview, CA. After crawling along highway 880 for 45 minutes, I
      finally threw in the towel and postponed our visit to San Antonio Hobby Shop
      until tomorrow. All I can say is that it had better be worth the trials and
      tribulations of Silicon Valley gridlock!

      Overall, today's activities were enjoyable. The scenery was breathtaking,
      the company joyous and generous in its commentary on our driving and our
      HSSs were very rewarding in filling the voids in our Gotta Have lists.

      Tomorrow should be fun with HSS planned for Campbell and Mountainview. We
      also hope to register for a couple of layout tours with the NMRA National
      Convention for Thursday if there is still room. Since we don't plan to set
      up the layouts until Thursdayas well, finding a motel room some distance
      from the convention centre will not be an inconvenience for one night.

      So as Helen Sutfin has so often said in the last 12 hours..."We are all just
      magma in the volcano of life, just go with the flow!"

      More from sunny and hot California tomorrow as our Excellent Train Show
      Adventure continues.

      Jeffrey MacHan

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