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re "viscious-Cdn-import-duties + 3 "levels" of taxes

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  • gerrystanding@aol.com
    I appreciate omg--joel - making the point - on the incredible-amt of taxes -we pay on bringing in unavailable in Canada -- Z-items--- I was just wondering
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2003
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      I appreciate "omg--joel"- making the "point"- on the "incredible-amt of
      taxes" -we pay on bringing in "unavailable in Canada"-- Z-items--- I was just
      wondering if any of my fellow "Canadian-- Z---ers" might "know" of any "tax-free-
      or rebate-system"- that we could use-- that I have not been aware of-- & could
      "pass" the info along--"not only are the 3 "progressive" tax levels--
      compounded- {added in sucession}- but "Cda-Customs- has the "gall" to also "add-in" an
      extra $5.00 chg-- for 'handling'--& then begin to "pile'-- the additional
      "taxes"-- on "top' of that !!!! "incredible-""--Its the same 'proceedure" in
      Z-items-- from "Britain-& Germany"--What really "ticks" me off--- is the 'fact"--
      that the "only-reason" we "Cdn-Z--ers" are importing-- is because the
      "items" we need-- are "not"- available in "Canada"--to begin with--even from the
      "large-source of Z-items-- that the "dealer"- in "British-Columbia" has-- in
      stock--Just my "2-cents-worth of "raving"-- Regards to "all Z--ers" - Gerryd_

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