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Re: [z_scale] New Product: Ballasted Sectional Roadbed

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  • Glenn Patterson
    Looks good, but where is the prices? ... From: Tobias Giles To: Z Scale Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 4:13 PM Subject: [z_scale] New Product: Ballasted
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 1, 2003
      Looks good, but where is the prices?
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      From: Tobias Giles
      To: Z Scale
      Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 4:13 PM
      Subject: [z_scale] New Product: Ballasted Sectional Roadbed

      Greetings fellow Zer's,

      I knew I could not keep things a secret when I displayed my product at
      EuroWest in South San Francisco this last weekend. Thank you for the
      positive words both at the show and on this list. I have uploaded a
      skeleton web site with images of my first product for Z scale: ballasted
      sectional roadbed.

      Starting in late August, I will have following components ready for
      sale: roadbed for the standard starter set plus left and right turnouts
      and the
      complementary curve. Shortly there after, curved turnouts and the
      larger radius curved track as well as the double slip will be available.
      Other roadbed sections for the remaining Marklin track will follow.

      I am also providing an 'extended function' sectional roadbed that fits
      into the existing Märklin track, such as: auto road crossings,
      integrated station
      platform edges, and currently, an extended flat edge (instead of a slope)
      on one side that provides a level ballasted surface between two tracks
      spaced 1" apart.

      The ballasted sections are one piece, poured resin plastic that accepts
      most paints for those interested in weathering (or changing the color
      completely). The color, always subject to debate, will be a warm mid
      gray to start with (other colors are being explored). The roadbed
      profile conforms to the Europe standard NEM 122 for height and width.
      The roadbed can be used for temporary fun or for permanent layouts by
      either nailing (holes are provide) or gluing.

      With the ballast molded in, there will be no more loose particles
      finding their way into your locomotive's gears nor spending hours and
      hours of tedious hand ballasting (yes, I do hand ballasting in other
      scales). It's plug and play time.

      Comments and suggestions are welcome either privately or on this list.

      The direct URL is http://www.tobiaslocomotiveworks.com/html/ZBallast.html


      Tobias Locomotive Works

      P.S. Since I only have a mac, I have not tested my site with a PC. If there
      are problems, please kindly inform me at
      tobias@... or on this list. Thanks again.

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