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Re: [z_scale] New product announcements

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  • Bill Hoshiko
    ... (snip) ... I live in a community with an excess of 16 million people. It also has a great concentration of extremely high income earners, a high level of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2000
      bjkronen@... wrote:
      > Billy, and the list:
      > > I for one like to hear whats going on with the folks in the Z community. Keep up the good work.
      > Although I live in a city of 5,000,000 folks, you can hug my local Z
      > dealer's
      > entire case of Z scale and touch your fingers around back.


      > Bill Kronenberger
      > Houston

      I live in a community with an excess of 16 million people. It also has
      a great concentration of extremely high income earners, a high level of
      technical knowledge, people with cutting edge imagination and at my last
      trip around the city to look at hobby shops only three or four train
      stores with any Z scale at all. Very seldom do they have any Micro
      Trains models. Mostly only Marklin. Only one had a sampling of Z scale
      structures, and since I haven't been there for quite a few years, that
      may be gone.

      No start up basement manufacturer can afford to advertise in MR, RMC, or
      any of the other model magazines. It would take them years to recoup
      the advertising costs. They could never get any mention in the "new
      products" section of these magazines and the only place where I can get
      any kind of conversation about Z scale is in this egroup, so there is no
      possibility of "word of mouth" announcements of any new products. Or,
      of any old Z products for that matter.

      The Rouge Locomotive Works GP38 at almost $300.00 was way out of my
      budget but I knew that if I didn't order it immediately upon its
      announcement, I would never have another chance. $500.00 for a
      locomotive is still impossible for me to justify. Better to buy a
      couple more Micro-Train F units.

      Both Marklin and Micro-Trains have a broad base of products to keep
      their companies in business. The other Z scale locomotive manufacturers
      are almost custom builders and their prices exceed the $500.00 mark.
      Would Rouge's GP38 or the almost delivered C44 been a viable model at
      over $500.00 each?

      The other manufacturer who advertises in the model magazines is Miller
      Engineering and he offers products in other scales. We are extremely
      grateful that he continues to bring new items in Z scale but it must be
      only a small percentage of his business.

      Without having the availability to announce new Z scale products on this
      list there would be a very slim chance for many new Z scale products to
      reach their market.

      I, for one, welcome any announcement of new Z scale products on this
      list and would like to see a products section in the files portion of
      this list. I limit my modeling to American prototypes but I would also
      welcome any listing of new products pertaining to all the rest of the
      world. Any products from ET's would also be welcomed but only if they
      are in Z scale.

      El Toro
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