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Re: [z_scale] Movin' an' such...

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Hey Rob, I was hoping that you d say hello. Yup, I m planning to go through Columbus and Dublin, wherever that is? I m looking forward to dropping in on you
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 20, 2000
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      Hey Rob, I was hoping that you'd say hello.

      Yup, I'm planning to go through Columbus and Dublin, wherever that is? I'm
      looking forward to dropping in on you and chewing the fat about our favorite
      subject...computers...oops, I mean Z scale!

      At the moment, we don't know when the furniture, including the computer,
      will arrive in Toronto. Since early July is peak season for the movers,
      they may not get there for two weeks or more. In a fit of insanity, I
      bought a new toy in order to keep in touch while on the road and while cut
      off from our high speed internet connection...an HP Jornada 680e color H/PC.
      I added all the bells and whistles: 56k modem, 32 Meg ram, 128 Meg flash
      memory storage, cool software and some other stuff to convince my bosses
      that this toy is a business tool, hey, hey!

      You know what the best thing about this little gem is? My wife likes it

      So what does this super pocket PC have to do with Z Scale, you ask? Well, I
      can keep up to date on the list for the next two months while on holidays,
      travelling around New England and Qu�bec. I also have a couple of articles
      in the works for ZTrack Magazine so I have to be able to get them to you
      from wherever I happen to be when I get the urge to write!

      Also, I can surf the web to get instructions on how to lay my switches. I
      will be able to use my lifeline, i.e. call Billy Roden via email for his
      expert advice when I get stuck. I hope to have the track done for the NMRA
      regional convention in Detroit in September remember.

      So Rob, expect a call from me some time in the first week of July.

      Take care,


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      >Subject: Re: [z_scale] Movin' an' such...
      >Date: Tue Jun 20 23:47:15 2000
      >Passing through the great state of Ohio� You wouldn't be coming through the
      >heart of Ohio, Columbus, would you? If so, please let me know! There is
      >much Z to be found! Also I have names of shops in Cincinnati and near
      >Well, I have been in the new house for about three weeks. I havn't even
      >touched the trains. I hope to start work next week on the layout. As for
      >missing tools, I have absolutely no idea where anything is. I Do know where
      >all the trains are located, but all my tools, kits, scenery and other
      >associated goodies are missing in action.
      >I was able to locate my computer equipment and finish the May/June issue of
      >Ztrack. It is currently at the printer and will be in the mail with all
      >luck next week.
      >I loath moving, but the end result is always great. So many ideas, so
      >little time. Jeffrey, good luck with the move. Keep us informed how it
      >goes Plus, let me know if you are near Columbus, Ohio!
      >Rob Kluz
      >Ztrack Magazine

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