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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Hi Gang, Seein as how nuthin much is goin on here on the list, I thought I d fill yous in on my plannin fer the summer happenins at my place. First off, me
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2000
      Hi Gang,

      Seein' as how nuthin much is goin' on here on the list, I thought I'd fill
      yous in on my plannin' fer the summer happenins at my place.

      First off, me an' the missus drove the vehicle down t'the Sutfin clan in
      Vancouver, Washington, last week, Thursday I think it was. The Sutfins an'
      us, we plan on settin' up the tracks and runnin' a whole pile o' trains at
      the nation's bestest an' most biggest train shindig in San Jose, California
      smack dab in the middle o' the summer snooze season.

      I bet yer thinkin' that we is pretty dumb t'leave fer San Jose so soon!
      Well I got news fer yous...we ain't so stupid. We took our train stuff
      t'Terry's place fer safe keepin' 'till we come back on the aereoplane. Next
      week we're packin' up all our belongin's and we're high tailin' it t'Torona,
      Ontario. Plannin' on takin' the scenic route too...probably git there some
      time 'round July 10th. I spect we'll stop here 'n there, look in some
      shops, maybe do some tradin' fer some trains. Plannin' on passin' through
      the great state o' Ohio.

      Well, seein' as how flyin' on them there aereoplanes ain't such a good idea
      fer our trains, we gotta fly back in July, meet up with Terry and Helen then
      scoot down to San Jose all together with the trains in the same vehicle.
      The only hitch in the plan is how t'git the trains back t'Torona after the
      big train party. I heard tell o' a outfit called "Male Boxes" which packs
      up yer trains an' sends 'em far away, even t'Torona!

      Then we's sposed t'get on another aereoplane t'meet up with our trains in
      Torona. Hoowhee, ain't it sump'n?

      Anyhoo, I'd better git back t'the dishes before the missus gets a bee in her

      See ya,


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