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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    ... Beats me, Ron...I know that I haven t been on vacation just apartment hunting in Toronto since May 30th. Talk about a tight market! It took us a full
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2000
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      >Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 11:21:35 GMT
      >Is this group on vacation? I haven't gotten any digests since 6/1/00
      >Regards, Ron

      Beats me, Ron...I know that I haven't been on vacation just apartment
      hunting in Toronto since May 30th. Talk about a tight market! It took us a
      full week to find a decent place and we finalized the lease 2 hours before
      our return flight to Vancouver!

      Anyway, in the lulls between apartment visits, my wife and I were able to
      scoot over to John's Photo and Hobby (where I have found some Z treasures in
      the past) and to Georges's Trains (where Z is practically an unknown scale).

      At John's, I had the opportunity to renew my acquaintance with Randy, the Z
      scale guru (sporting a great looking beard) and with Dave, his part time
      sidekick. Randy usually has some used Z stashed away in drawers in the
      basement of the shop. If you are nice to him, he will bring them up so that
      you can poke around. He rather expects one to purchase something in return
      for this service so be prepared to pick up a car or two.

      Now Dave, on the other hand, isn't allowed into the basement of the shop to
      rummage around in the used Z stuff. He is allowed into the back room
      however. Well the day of my visit he went into the back room and came back
      with a treasure chest...a box of goodies with no prices or owners names to
      go with them. He let me dig around in it while he went off to help another
      customer. I was in heaven!

      I struck paydirt in short order...pulling 3, yes 3, Southern Pacific
      passenger cars out of the box (bagage, diner, dome), all in pristine
      condition in their original boxes. Refusing to loosen my grip on them, I
      asked Dave the critical question, "How much?"

      He immediately picked up the store phone and said the words that sent
      shivers down my spine..."Randy, please call..."

      A few seconds later Randy was in front of me trying to pry the cars out of
      my grasp. He politely explained that he needed to see the Marklin product
      number on the boxes in order to check the catalog price. - I was beginning
      to break out into a cold sweat! - I let him look at the numbers but my grip
      only tightened on the boxes!

      Then he said..."Dave, charge him the 1997 catalog price minus 40%" (yup...
      for tea purr sent!!) "'cuz they were used", he said.

      It's funny how a 3000 mile apartment hunting trip becomes bearable when one
      finds a treasure and then gets to pay a ridiculously low price for the
      priviledge to keep it!

      I will now be able to add 3 SP cars to my UP passenger train during
      exhibitions making a nice long 9 car train pulled by motorized MT F7A-B
      units. I can't wait 'till Boise, Idaho for the next train show to show it
      off, I mean, run the train.

      Well, George's Trains was a complete bust when it came to Z scale although I
      managed to spend an hour combing the nooks and crannies of the store looking
      for inspiration. I finally found a poor, lonely Marklin starter set with a
      car missing sitting in a shelf in the HO section! The price was not to my
      liking so it will sit there forevermore...

      ...however, I did find some low temp solder and some liquid flux to go along
      with my Micro Engineering weathered ties and code 55 rails (not code 40 as I
      have since learned), tie plates, switch markers and PCB strips. I am
      practically on the verge of laying some track, I can feel it! If I get up
      enough courage, I may try to build my trackwork in time for judging at the
      Boise, ID, train meet...but I may also be dreaming!

      George's is just fun to wander around in and I have yet to find anything of
      major significance for my Z scale interests. Of course, if you like the
      larger scales, there is lots to enjoy.

      My wife and I are now fully into moving mode. We are packing up our
      respective collectibles and desparately trying to find the boxes that we
      know we have stashed away somewhere!

      Moving day is June 28th, the day after we return from the PNR regional train
      meet in Boise, Idaho (isn't this the 3rd time I've mentioned Boise
      already?). We'll be driving to Toronto at a leisurely pace in time to meet
      the movers, we hope, at the new apartment in the second week of July. So if
      you see us motoring through your town along the way, be sure to give us a

      Respectfully submitted for your enjoyment and to fill the lull in postings
      to Z_Scale,

      Jeffrey MacHan
      CEO: Val Ease Central RR http://www.Val-Ease-Central.com
      Moderator: Z_Scale@egroups.com
      Ztrack Magazine Contributing Editor: http://www.ztrack.com
      ZeBayer: http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/val-ease/

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