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Re: [z_scale] Used Z Prices

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  • RanddomZ
    Agreed! I must chime in and warn of the guy that is selling DIECAST military vehicle miniatures that retail for $7.99 to $9,99 . These are actually old
    Message 1 of 6 , May 3, 2003
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      Agreed! I must chime in and warn of the guy that is selling "DIECAST"
      military vehicle miniatures that "retail for $7.99 to $9,99". These
      are actually old ISM 1/285 scale wargaming figures that can be had at
      gaming stores for $5-$6 a package of 5. I keep seeing these things
      presented as loads and scenics, and they are neither Z nor diecast.
      Just as a referance, the Z scale person is nominally 6 mm tall, the
      1/285 person iss 4.5 mm tall - big differance. Moreover, if these
      things are to be used as loads, you can figure they each weigh around 15
      grams or half an ounce: not good for long trains.
      Done ranting now...

      zbendtrack@... wrote:

      > Sadly, the "used outlets" are not only grossly overpricing things that
      > are in
      > current production and on store shelves, but tonight's set of posts on
      > a
      > "certain" auction site was overloaded with misrepresentations and flat
      > out
      > right lies.
      > Nubies, be very careful not to be taken in by N scale items sold as Z
      > scale,
      > or "High Speed" diesels as copies of a much sought after GP-38. The
      > rule of
      > "let the buyer beware" seems to apply more and more every day.
      > If you can find these auction sites on the web, then you have the
      > Internet
      > skills to find reputable dealers on the web as well. Avoid buying an
      > overpriced "something" that you may wind up tossing in the trash can.
      > A sad state of affairs (called greed) in response to a promising
      > growth of Z
      > scale.
      > A very irritated,
      > Bill K.
      > Houston
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