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Fwd: International Model Fair 2003 in Dortmund

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Hi Gang, Z Ambassador Dieter Nolte has sent us a report from the Dortmund, Germany, hobby show where he spent 5 days flying the colours of Z scale for the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2003
      Hi Gang,

      Z Ambassador Dieter Nolte has sent us a report from
      the Dortmund, Germany, hobby show where he spent 5
      days flying the colours of "Z" scale for the 103,000+

      Dieter tells me that "Z" layouts have been fewer in
      number at fairs and shows in Germany in the past year.
      He invites Z_Scale members in Europe to join him in
      his efforts to display "Z" at train and hobby shows on
      a regular basis. Anyone wishing to receive
      information on how to contact train show management in
      Germany and the Netherlands are invited to get in
      touch with Dieter. He will introduce you to the right
      people. He certainly did so for me at Faszination
      Modellbau and at Eurospoor.

      Send him an email.

      Congratulations, Dieter, on a fine show and see you in
      the Fall in Utrecht, NL at Eurospoor.

      Jeffrey MacHan
      Val Ease Central Railroad

      --- "Dieter W. Nolte" <dieter_mac_nolte @
      essen-kettwigg.de> wrote: >
      > Subject: International Model Fair 2003 in Dortmund
      > Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 01:02:31 +0200
      > Dear Jeffrey,
      > just a short report from the 'Intermodellbau 2003'
      > in Dortmund, Germany.
      > From 9th to 13th of April 2003, at 'Europe's
      > leading fair of model construction and model sports'
      > 396 commercial exhibitors from 10 countries as far
      > away as Australia and Japan and 109 'Ideal'
      > (like me) assembled about 20,000 models in 8
      > exhibition halls, covering about 530,000 sqft of
      > exhibition area.
      > Besides model railroads, also model boats,
      > aircraft, helicopters, trucks, cars and race cars
      > were presented.
      > 103,688 visitors were counted, 15 % from abroad. 55
      > % of the visitors said they came to see the rail
      > road models.
      > Two exhibition halls were reserved for this segment
      > of models. In hall 8, 34,000 sqft, 30
      > model rail road layouts were presented. 16 layouts
      > came from abroad, 17 layouts were presented for the
      > first time in Germany. The largest moveable layout
      > (Model railroad team Cologne) covered an area of
      > 1,600 sqft. There was also a 660 ft long modular
      > layout from Austria. Murray Reid from the UK showed
      > a US-layout in scale Oe.
      > Scale Z was represented with three layouts. There
      > was a fine modular layout from Belgium.
      > And there was the booth of the Z Club 92 with two
      > layouts. The Stuttgart group showed a large modular
      > layout with full digital operation. And I was guest
      > on this area with my little 'Red Rock Canyon'
      > layout. As expected the sounds of the crossing bells
      > and the MOO! of the cows and the bleating of the
      sheep heard
      > in the passing stock cars on my layout attracted
      > passers by to the booth.
      > I think scale z was presented in an attractive
      > manner. I had many interesting talks with visitors.
      > And the meetings of Z friends at the booth at 13.00
      > hours every day as announced on the web were always
      > a great success. Up to 10 persons gathered at the
      > meeting table. We had a lot of fun!
      > On the last day of the exhibition the photographer
      > of the German Model railroad magazine 'Modell
      > Eisenbahner' was 'walking' more than an hour with
      > his camera across my layout. I will keep you
      informed, if
      > an article in this magazine appears.
      > Tomorrow I intend to drive down to Southern Germany
      > to visit the Goeppingen Fair. I hope to meet there
      > Rob Kluz and Mr. Riddervold. And I think, new
      > exhiting US scale z novelties may be seen.
      > Dear Jeffrey, these are the latest news from
      > Germany.
      > I look forward to meet you in Utrecht!
      > Greetings
      > Dieter
      > Dieter W. Nolte

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