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Who is Dieter_Mac_Nolte?

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    Hi, all fellow Z-Fans at z_scale list. Well, to give you an idea of me personality and my involvement in the Scale Z world, the following: I was born in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 1999
      Hi, all fellow Z-Fans at z_scale list.

      Well, to give you an idea of me personality and my involvement in the Scale Z
      world, the following: I was born in Saxony, Germany in 1935. Yes, this is the
      region, where this strange soft slang is spoken, typical for the former
      regime of the Eastern part of Germany. There I was even able to catch some words
      In 1947 my parents, my sister and I moved to the Western part of Berlin. There I
      studied at the Technical University 'Mining Engineering'. Before and during
      these studies I worked about 2,5 years in coal-, iron ore- and salt mines in
      Germany. A tough time, but good money!!
      However, due to the downward trend of coal mining and the some what narrow
      minded spirit of this industry, I chose to switch over to the more promissing
      oil business.
      So, my first assignment was with an oil company, working mostly abroad.
      I married Mechthild (Maggie), who I met during an assignement in Northern
      Germany (Emsland). We moved to the City of Essen in the Ruhr-area in Western
      Germany. It is the Krupp-City, somebody may remember. There we are still living
      in the lovely valley of the now clean river Ruhr. If somebody is in this area,
      please feel free to contact and visit us!!!
      During my assignment with DEMINEX, I travelled a lot around the world, from
      Indonesia to Argentina, from Norway to Egypt.
      We lived for some years in Egypt with our son Frank, who studied petroleum
      engineering and is now starting also his carrier in the oil business, travelling
      around the world (Dad is glad about this).
      The assignments of 3 years in Dallas, Texas, USA, and 2 years in Calgary,
      Alberta, Canada, Maggie and I enjoid a lot. Many new friends and a lot of
      impressions of these strong sturdies Diesel Engines of the American railroad!
      In 1991, I accepted the offer of my company slimming down, for early retirement.
      Well, doing charity work in the comunity is not fully satisfying.
      I had never a model railroad during my childhood (During and after the WW2 other
      items were more important). Also our son Frank was more interrested in cars and
      trucks during his childhood.
      So, I got myself as a present at my 60th birthday a model railroad kid.
      I chose scale Z, because it needs not too much space and I was not sure, if
      model railroading was my lasting hobby.
      I am a builder and runner of trains and locos.
      I am not a collector of all modells.
      I do even ageing and remodelling nice originals just to please my view of
      dioramas, a horror to collectors, I learnt.
      I started with a diorama 60*100 cm, packed with all features possible, typical
      for an engineer! 10 m tracks, a double track circuit with overhead wiring, a
      station, two oil terminals and a switching yard with at least 10 signals and
      'parking places'.
      Well, it worked well at a temporary 'wild' wiring system (A Spaghetti bowl!).
      When it came to the transfer to the final scheme, I lost trust to my scheme.
      About 95 loose wires were hanging below the plate, waiting to be connected in an
      orderly manner to my main controlboard, which in turn was about as large as the
      plate itself!
      Well, as I learnt during a training course with Maerklin, this is a normal
      phenomenon of beginners. Biting more than able to swallow.
      So, now I restricted myself only to the US-American and Canadian railroad scene
      and I build presently only a fully automated 'Presentation Module' with a
      typical Texas oil field scene, even with pumping donkey heads.

      I am interrested now only in US and Canadian railroad articles and scenes.

      It is a petty, that in this respect we are stuck with the F7 of Maerklin and
      MTL, because Rougue Locomotive Works went out of business. Well, I do have a
      GP-38 from Rogue. But this is a 'sitting' loco. It only sputters along the track
      if at all. So its sitts on the diarama.

      When my US-Diorama is finished, I intend to present it to you all.

      Well, now I do think, you got an idea of my interrests and skills.
      I intend to be an active member of this list.
      please, be active out there too!



      Dieter W. Nolte
      E-Mail Dieter_Mac_Nolte@...
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