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  • Ole Rosted
    Hi group, You are hereby invited to visit my new/first homepage. I intended to start somewhat like this: I proudly present etc. but there is actually not
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2000
      Hi group,

      You are hereby invited to visit my new/first homepage.

      I intended to start somewhat like this: "I proudly present" etc. but
      there is actually not much to be proud of.

      There are three reasons why I'm making a homepage.

      #1. I always wanted to try to make a homepage

      #2 It will offer an oportunity for me to share pics etc. with others
      without using other peoples resources (unless they want to) and

      #3 It offers an easy way to introduce myself to the z-community. (A
      little late maybe?)

      But be warned: There is not much to see. There is a picture of me,
      pics of my loks, and a short curriculum vitae. And - not to forget -
      a picture of my grandson who (without knowing it) kick-started me in
      the Z modeling business.

      I plan to document my proceedings making track using code 40 rail.
      Digging deeper into this I have - from time to another - found *many*
      highly interesting sites written by people who have a deep insight in
      these matters. And who actually have made some track - even

      All I have so far is 15 cm. of straight track, a lot of ties, several
      meters of code 40 weathered rail, some marvellous flux (thanks Bill K)
      3 Xuron rail cutters and some misty ideas on how to get on.

      And then I have a couple of jigs I built to make the soldering of
      rail/ties and cutting of ties possible.

      They are illustrated on my page, and I guarantee: You have never seen
      anything like them. :-/

      My address is: http://home.worldonline.dk/fperosted01

      Yes it is: fperosted01 after the slash.

      It is my "name" on a special FrontPage extensions-server.

      Take a look at my site and if you find errors please report them to
      mee. (Spelling and gramatical errors not included)

      As I say on the start-page: Don't waste your time and/or money on
      frequent visits to my site. After this outburst of energy used in
      figuring out how to make the site and publish it, nothing more will

      If I want to share pics, info etc. I will tell you on the list.

      A couple of strange things happened during uploading, but looking at
      the pages I find them ok. After an upload yesterday some text was
      missing however. I made a new upload just now, and it looks like I

      regards Ole Rosted, Denmark
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