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Re: [z_scale] ICE 3 Set for Sale

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  • Juan Carlos Lopez
    Hi Scott: I am interested in buying your goods, the problem is that as you can realize: I live in Mexico City, but I do not care, let s do something if you do
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2003
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      Hi Scott:

      I am interested in buying your goods, the problem is
      that as you can realize: I live in Mexico City, but I
      do not care, let's do something if you do not mind:
      you can absorb the cost of the shipment as if it was
      shipped in the US and I pay the difference for the
      shipment to Mexico City, probably by DHL, Fedex or
      UPS, The cheapest option. Just let me know this

      I need you to declare in the airway bill that these
      are "Sample toys" and a cost no more than 30 USD.

      Could it be possible?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

      Juan Carlos

      --- MASALOWE@... wrote:
      > I am selling a new mint condition ICE 3 88712
      > Powered Rail Car Train set and
      > an ICE 3 87711 Intermediate Car (that was designed
      > to be used with the set).
      > I purchased these items for over $425.00 about a
      > year ago. I am offering them
      > at a substantial discount. I purchased alot of items
      > last year and am simply
      > thinning out some of my collection. This item was
      > tested only but otherwise
      > is new. It is a perfect runner. The items come in
      > original mint condition
      > boxes.
      > I will sell both items (88712 and 87711) for
      > $325.00. This includes shipping
      > and insurance (to any USA address). If you have
      > purchased from me before-you
      > know that I carefully package everything I sell so
      > that the items and their
      > original boxes are kept in perfect condition.
      > The following is a description of the set:
      > 88712 comes with four cars. Two end cars and two
      > intermediate cars. The
      > unusual thing about this unique set is that the 5
      > pole motor is located in
      > the dining car (one of the intermediate cars). The
      > cars have LED
      > maintainance free lighting and special couplers
      > designed only for this set.
      > The intermediate cars have pantographs.
      > 87711 is an additional intermediate car that was
      > designed to be an addition
      > to this set. This car also has LED maintanance free
      > lighting and the special
      > couplers.
      > The total of all cars is 5.
      > Please feel free to ask any questions. I will
      > reserve the set by answering
      > any interested emails in the order that I receive
      > them. Thanks! -Scott-
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