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Re: [z_scale] Catch Up

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  • Ole Rosted
    ... [snip] Thank you for your kind words and support. [snip] ... I will :-)) But you should not wait for this to happen. Right now I have one 6 inch-track -
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2000
      On Fri, 31 Mar 2000 15:17:46 -0800, sutfin@... wrote:

      >First, Ole, you really need to keep on writing. You could publish a


      Thank you for your kind words and support.


      > That is until you start selling your version of Z track. Let us know when
      >you're ready to accept orders.

      I will :-)) But you should not wait for this to happen. Right now I
      have one 6 inch-track - built with a wrong tie spacing because of
      doubts about the way to lay ties. I guess that I will have another 6
      inches ready in about a week. Then all I'll have to do is to make app
      80 ft more.
      I have just drawn and printed the templates for my new tracks in
      When I start building "for real" I will use the wonderful 3rdPlanIt
      software to design the layout and print the templates.

      If I succeed in building track segments of arbitrary length "in situ"
      based on pre-built one-rail skeleton sections - the guy on the
      fielder-rowe site claims it can be done - my layout may be finished
      in the first half of this century.

      >Another item of discussion was how to ballast track. Saw lots of answers
      >that should have all worked. However, one little change that I found
      >works best for me is the dilution of white glue. I 'wet' the ballast
      >with isopropyl alcohol, then apply several applications of glue, diluted
      >1 part glue to 3-4 parts of water. I've found that the greater dilution
      >seems to let the glue penetrate better, then follow it up with a couple
      >more applications. Haven't had any problems with lost or broken ballast
      >after several years of carting modules to train shows.

      As soon as I have the next short track section ready I will try this
      method. No need to make a lot of track without knowing if good-looking
      balasting will be possible. I haven't been able to follow this ballast
      thread but I will take a closer look in my mail-box right away.

      regards Ole Rosted, Denmark
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