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Re: [z_scale] Z scale ties - one more time

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  • Ole Rosted
    ... Hi Alex, I have been away for a few days with only occasional access to a computer. ... You are absolutely right! If it was I who said twice as large (I
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      On Mon, 27 Mar 2000 07:20:37 -0800, you wrote:

      >From: "Alex W" <TrainRunner@...>

      Hi Alex,

      I have been away for a few days with only occasional access to a

      >Actually, Z scale is about 3/4 the size of N. Or, if you want to be
      >absurdly accurate, it's 72.7% the size of N. Therefore, Nn3 ties would be
      >about 37% too big, not twice as large. Not to say that they wouldn't stick
      >out like a sore thumb, just that they wouldn't stick out as badly as, say,
      >TT scale ties, which are almost twice as big (83% oversize).

      You are absolutely right! If it was I who said "twice as large" (I
      actually don't remember - I could have been the one) my mistake was,
      that I by mistake referred to short side of a danish 1:1 tie.
      I should of course have used the size of the long side of the
      rectangular cross section.

      Doing this the correct tie-meassure will be 1,1 mm x 0,7 mm (25,4
      mm to the inch) .

      Severall experiments have proved to me that I - to get a somewhat
      realistic scenery - must use the 1.4 mm ties (pcp annd wooden) and
      up-scale the distance between ties equally.. This is - of course - not
      prototypically correct, but the result is nevertheless better looking
      than the attemps to have 1,1 mm woden ties mixed with the 1.4 mm pcb

      As I didn't foresee this outcome of my efforts I'll have to solder a
      new rail/tie unit together, with more exact spacing between ties.

      If I use 7 pc pcb ties soldered to the rail for every inch, I'll get
      app 15 cm ( app 6 inch) of track with room for wooden ties between the
      pcb ties.

      I'll use tracks this size to refine my skills. Soldering ties to one
      rail is not the whole story. I have ordered more rail lengths and two
      more 3-point gauges. And some flux-paste will arrive shortly.

      Yesterday I bought a digital camera (Olympus 920 with 3 x optical and
      2 x digital zoom - for those interested in this information). So I
      *could* document my efforts hopefully leading to a new layout
      incorporating homelaid track.

      I'm still not convinced that I can do it, though. There is still
      curved track. Some would add: "and turn-outs" I wouldn' even dream of
      building turn-outs myself. I bought a few code 40 turn-outs. Maybe
      (repeat: maybe) I - when (if ever) I have made 50-100 pc of straight
      and curved track - will try turn-out making as well.

      If I'm lucky (usually I am not) trains will begin to run on my lay-out
      as early as 2005.

      This is not exactly what I had in mind when I bought the Z-starter
      set. But it is great fun nevertheless.

      regards Ole Rosted, Denmark
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