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UMTRR 11.2002 (12)

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    IRWINSJOURNAL.COM Presents: The Unofficial Micro-Trains® Release Report Issue #71 - November, 2002 (Not affiliated with Micro-Trains Line, Inc.) Copyright (C)
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      The Unofficial Micro-Trains� Release Report
      Issue #71 - November, 2002
      (Not affiliated with Micro-Trains Line, Inc.)

      Copyright (C) 2002, George J. Irwin.

      Z SCALE:

      New Release: 13106, Marklin Coupler, $12.45; 13106-2,
      Micro-Trains Coupler,
      $14.15 - 50 Foot Gondola, Fishbelly Sides, Drop Ends,
      Freight car red with white lettering including
      reporting marks
      on left,
      roadname across center, and herald on right. Reporting
      Marks: GN
      Approximate Time Period: late 1950's (1957 built date
      given by
      MTL) into
      the 1970's at least.

      Based on what I can dig up on the 'net it looks like
      this car
      was painted
      just after the end of the "hopper brown" time period
      for GN
      gons.� The
      prototype for the 106210 GN covered gondola in N Scale
      2001) was done up in 1960, also in red.��

      The ORER for January 1959 (Westerfield CD-ROM) tells
      us that:
      description is "Gondola, Mill, All Steel, Fixed
      Ends."� Fixed
      ends?� What?
      Well, it's easier to make a model drop end gon into a
      fixed end
      one than
      the opposite, Anyway, the series covers numbers 72800
      to 72999,
      the inside
      length was 52 feet 6 inches, the outside length 54
      feet 6
      inches, the
      extreme height 7 feet 7 inches, and capacity 1995
      cubic feet and
      pounds.� There were all 200 cars in the group at this
      By January
      1964 this had slid to 147 pieces, but we also know
      that the
      Great Northern
      pulled some gons out of their existing series and gave
      covers and new
      numbers (like the one modeled as the N Scale 106210).�
      like that's
      what may have happened: in April 1970 under the BN,
      the series
      relatively stable at 145 cars.� There were still 142
      in April
      1976 and 110
      in April 1981.� I'd question whether the red paint was
      still in
      place by
      then, and if it was, how recognizable it would be
      given the
      abuse gondolas
      take over their lives.� My guess is that it would have
      repainted by
      then, perhaps in the "dip black" and minimal white
      that I've
      seen in photos of other GN gondolas.�� For the record,
      this number
      series doesn't appear to close out until the nineties;
      were still ten
      cars hanging on in the October 1991 Register.�

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