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  • Ole Rosted
    Hi group, Although I think, I m closing in on my target, the first run on handlaid track is not i sight. I hate to admit this, but I m beginning to long so
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2000
      Hi group,

      Although I think, I'm closing in on my target, the first run on
      handlaid track is not i sight.

      I hate to admit this, but I'm beginning to long so much for seeing my
      trains run, that I contemplate on building a temporary lay-out with my
      bunch of Märklin track. Believe me: it is hard for me to get these
      words over my lips - but alas!

      As a software programmer, I had to build small parts of the
      company-made interfaces to experiment with. I was reasonably good in
      soldering - and then came wire-wrapping!

      It was in the good old days when CPUs were not running so fast, that a
      birds nest of wirewrapping couldn't be used for bus and other

      When I began my venture into handlaying tracks I bought the best
      low wattage, temostatically controlled soldering iron I was able to
      find plus the best, thin, flux-containing solder.

      From the replies here, I see, that this was *not* what I should have

      A full days journey to a special solder-expert-store yesterday, to
      get the right materials gave me a 3 1/2 digit multimeter!!! (just to
      spend some money while I was in the mood :-( )

      All the things they said, that were on stock, they didn't have

      The water-soluble acid-free solder-paste and a screw-driver formed tip
      for my solder iron, they would send to me.

      I got the paste yesterday. In dutch it says on the packet, that it is
      a chlorine-zink product. In my opinion this is neither acid-free nor
      water-suluble. I havent got the tip yet. I guess it will be wrong too.

      Despite the *very* good advice on soldering I got from group members,
      I decided to wait for the handlaying track book that was recommended.

      Having made certain, that a copy would be reserved for me, I sent my
      creditcard information in *two* e-mail-letters - each letter marked
      (in capitals) that "this" was the first (resp: last) of two letters
      containing the needed information.

      At the time when I thought my book was well on its way, I got a letter
      from the bookstore saying, that my first letter could not be found,
      and I was asked to send the information once more.

      To avoid further confusion I sent *all* (to h.... with security) the
      information again in *one* e-mail, asking them to confirm that all
      needed information now was at hand.

      Never heard a word!

      The sweedish dealer - the one that I thought would send me the Xuron
      cutter and some MT couplers and magnets - apparently has enough to do
      servicing swedish custumers.

      Not taking german companies (who by principle never replies to
      *anything*) into consideration, doing business with my credit-card has
      been well functioning.

      RLW sent me a couple of days after I had mailed my card information, a
      note saying that so-and-so had been drawn on my card. After two more
      days the goods arrived.

      After having sent my information to the 3rd PlanIt
      track-planning-software company I got a receipt within a minute, and
      the username/password was available 5 minutes later.

      Fortunately I have not much hair left, so I do not have to watch it
      growing grey each time I use the mirror to avoid slicing my throat
      when I shave. (I'm not so far out yet, that throat-slicing becomes THE

      And as long as I keep my blood-pressure reducing tablets and
      tranquilizers near at hand, I may live long enough to see my trains on
      my home made tracks.

      This is for those of you, that wonder why I just keep talking instead
      of doing something. I try - I really do try!

      regards Ole Rosted, Denmark
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