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Letter from Simon regarding the RELCO

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  • Glenn and Sandy Stiska
    We located this letter written to the group by Simon regarding the Relco and thought it would be of interest to the members in an effort to answer Jeremy
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2002
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      We located this letter written to the group by Simon regarding the Relco and thought it would be of interest to the members in an effort to answer Jeremy Brandon's inquiry about the Relco Track Cleaner.

      Glenn and Sandy Stiska
      Largo, Florida

      From: td25scorpio@n... Message #6688
      Date: Thu Oct 18, 2001 1:51 pm
      Subject: Relco , phone call and the future

      Hi Gang

      as promised yesterday, i rang Relco today(as they didnt reply to my email from yesterday)

      PLEASE bear in mind, im not a user of this product, just tryed to get a responce from Relco regarding using there product with an expensive Loco and coreless motor

      this is what i was told ,
      regarding using relco with any paticular (ie coreless )motor, they cant say if it would affect the motor or not .i aslo pointed out that there web site says IT IS ok to use with all dc motors, and was told that he could not answer regarding the coreless motor. I then asked about the power suppply to ne of there units, and he responded that" it needs a 14-16 volt AC supply, anything less than this will either reduce the effect of performance, or may not even work at all". i explained about Z scale and its normal 10volt supply, and he said he would be suprised if the unit would operate at such a low voltage, and suggested using another supply ie; a N or HO powerpack that gives the desired 16 volt supply.

      they then gave me a history of how and why they got invloved with track cleaners originally, some 30 years ago. they specialise in high frequency welding equipment, and the track cleaner was a miniaturised version of a technology they were using in the welding industry at the time ,which has not had any alteration to the original specifications from some 30 years back, apart from cosmetic appearance NO ONE at Relco is a paticular Railroad/train modeller of any sort, it was just a little sideline they had a technology with only 1 use for at the time. the future is somewhat unclear regaring the track cleaning aspect of there production, as the Relco is now OUT of manufacture, while they debate wether to redesign and release it again, or pull out of the market altogether (this has been a topic of there discussions for sometime now i was informed)the spokesperson (whose name i forget now) actually mentioned other manufacturers in the same field, who produce a similar item cheaper. (original suppliers to Relco have fell away over the years, and replacement suppliers of components are more expensive).i wont advertise the names of the manufacturers he mentioned.

      i asked about availability of units, as production has stopped, and he recommended me to speak to someone else on friday morning, but can assure me that there is no definate plans at the moment wether to re-produce the unit, or abandon the track cleaning industry
      altogether. i will update you all on the outcome of my phone call tomorrow.

      meanwhile, i would suggest that if you have been using a Relco with no problems, then carry on. Like mentioned in other replys, Faulhauber themselves appear not to have had any problems with them, but it must be a personal choice matter, (i think i saw someone say Mr Faulhauber himself has written in this group on the subject)

      Bottom line is, its down to the individual sorry its not a "Definative" answer, buts thats what they told me on the phone.

      P.S those of you who dont use a track cleaner like Relco or anyother manufacturer, i would suggest nipping down to the deep south of the USA and buying some of the Cheap 99% alcohol at $7 a gallon !!! hehe.

      again, im not a Relco user, just thought i may get an answer as Relco themselves are in the UK where i am.

      thanks gang

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