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Re: Z-Scale Meet in Munich

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  • Jeremy Brandon
    ... OK, will do. All the gandies will be there, so I ll take my camera and let you all know what s going on in the Munich Zcene. ... Good luck. That zounds
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 16, 2002
      --- In z_scale@y..., "Jeremy Brandon" <Jeremy.Brandon@t...> wrote:
      > For anyone in the Munich area this weekend:
      > Z-Scale Meet and Flea-market
      > Saturday 19 October from 10.00 to 16.00
      > Löwenbräukeller, Stiglmaierplatz (U1)

      --- In z_scale@y..., "jmac_han" <jmac_han@y...> wrote:
      > Sounds like great fun, Jeremy. How about giving us a report on
      > all the wonders that you see there? Terry Sutfin and I know how
      > creative the Munich gand is.

      OK, will do. All the gandies will be there, so I'll take my camera
      and let you all know what's going on in the Munich Zcene.

      > Unfortunately, I can't make it! I'm meeting my fellow Montreal
      > Z-scaler, Mario Daigle, for our first ever Montreal Z Club Meeting.

      Good luck. That zounds like the ztart of zomething great!

      --- In z_scale@y..., sutfin <sutfin@w...> wrote:
      > Ahhhh, I remember the Lowenbraukeller on Stiglmaierplatz well!!!!
      > And the excellent modeling skills and friendliness of all the Z
      > scale modelers there.
      > Wish Jeffrey and I could join you this weekend, if for no other
      > reason than to relive our experience this past March.

      Yes, we often talk about your visit. Newcomers to the list can read
      about Jeffrey and Terry's experiences in the Löwenbräukeller in
      Episode 14 of Jeffrey's "Sinsheim Cronicles" at:

      > Hoist a weiss bier for me, if you will!

      I certainly will. Remember last time:

      Best regards, Jeremy.
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