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  • Bill Hoshiko
    Where did you get that trick of heating the rail to 450 deg F ? I ll try it! Thanks
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 29, 2000
      Where did you get that trick of heating the rail to 450 deg F ?

      I'll try it! Thanks <:o))

      I guess that I always make my solutions too complicated. That's why I
      haven't built any thing for 35 years.

      Your layout is great! and thanks for the link to the Nn3 web page. I
      should have tried that web page much sooner. They and you do
      outstanding work.

      El Toro

      Roy Stevens wrote:
      > From: "Roy Stevens" <riogrande5771@...>
      > >Is anyone here aware of a place
      > >where code 40 Z track can be bought???
      > Not yet available. Mebbe we need to bug railcraft about making some for us.
      > >
      > >And: is anyone here building her/his own code 40 Z track??
      > >if affirmative: how do you hold your rail in position when
      > >soldering??'
      > http://www.inet-1.com/~prospector/NN3CONS.htm
      > I have used both RLW's three-point track gauge, and I have just used my
      > finger. With the finger method, I just go along soldering one rail to
      > approximately the right spot, then I come back and use a short piece of
      > marklin track to check the gauge as I go along and solder the second rail
      > into place. It helps to cut the PC ties long, then trim them later, since I
      > don't always get the rails centered using this method. I also bake my rails
      > at 450 deg F for 20 min, then let cool before laying track. This seems to
      > eliminate sun kinks that can crop up when soldering code 40. Also, instead
      > of a rail nipper, I just use my motor tool with a cut-off disk. And rather
      > than rail joiners, I use extra pc ties near joints, and solder the rail ends
      > together.
      > >
      > >regards Ole Rosted
      > >
      > >
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