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Chat roundup and Rule suggestions

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Hi Z Gang, Here s a quick report on our group s first attempt using the Onelist chat function. Please note that the Onelist chat function is a java powered
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2000
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      Hi Z Gang,

      Here's a quick report on our group's first attempt using the Onelist chat

      Please note that the Onelist chat function is a java powered affair and may
      present some problems that may be resolved by Onelist. Before we make any
      final decision concerning the usefulness of the Onelist chat, we should
      communicate our specific problems to the Onelist technical help service.

      Here are today's events:

      1. At 9:10 PST, Bill Kronenberger and I spent a few minutes in the chat room
      where we got to identify a few of the quirks of java enabled PCs and Macs.
      I was using a Powermac with Netscape and Bill was using a PC. On my Mac
      keyboard, I was not able to find the question mark (?) or the apostrophe

      2. I sent a reminder message to the group about 45 minutes in advance of the
      chat appointment.

      3. At 10:00 PST the Onelist chat function was unavailable! After a few
      minutes of confusion I tried the function around 10:30 PST and I met Ole
      already logged on.

      4. During our 45 minute session, several members logged on and off and on
      and off...

      One of the things about this chat function is that you are immediately
      logged into the chat room as soon as you click on the chat link from
      Z_Scale. If you refresh your page or you use your browser navigation keys,
      you will be logged out of the room. Of course, as soon as you redisplay the
      chat page, you are once again logged into the chat room.

      This is fun for those of us who have not played with our browser during this
      time. We see members entering, leaving and reentering the room.

      Note: some of you may have logged on and not seen any messages. This is
      normal since you will not be able to see messages that have already been
      posted to the chat. Just say hello and send it to the chat. We will greet
      you in return. If there are people in the room, the number beside Z_Scale
      to the right of the chat window will be greater than 0. The names of the
      members already logged on will also be displayed in the window in the upper
      right hand of the screen.

      5. Chatting is like driving in Mexico City, chaotic if there are not a few
      rules of the road. I would like to suggest the following simple rules to
      help us communicate more agreably in the future.

      Rule 1. Send a greeting to the group as soon as you enter the room for the
      first time.

      Rule 2. Inform the group if you are signing off from the chat so that we
      will not expect you to return in a few minutes.

      Rule 3. The number of characters that can be sent in one burst is rather
      limited. If your question or statement is shorter than the space provided,
      please use a final punctuation sign...a period (.) or a question mark (?) if
      available! or an exclamation point (!)

      If your statement is in multiple sections, use 3 periods (...) to indicate
      to all that there is more to come. Conclude your statement with a (.) (?)
      or (!) We will then know when to respond.

      Rule 4. Why do we need to know when to respond? Well, this morning we had
      people from Denmark, Florida, Texas and British Columbia in the chat room.
      Although the messages that you send appear instantly on your own screen,
      there is a time delay before they appear on the other screens. Don't forget
      that the electrons are being shuffled through who knows how many servers on
      the internet.

      Rule 5. When replying to an individual or to a topic, please begin your
      posting with the Username, first name or handle of the person that you are
      responding to.

      Since it is possible for several threads to go on at the same time, by
      following these simple rules of conduct, we should be able to have quite a
      good time the next time...

      and the next time will be Sunday 9:00 PST = 17:00 GMT. This will constitute
      our group's official chat time.

      Rule 6. if anyone wishes to discuss a specific topic during the chat, please
      send a message to the group with a resume of the problem or topic so that we
      will be able to get to the heart of the discussion quickly during the chat.

      That's it for now. I'm looking forward to sharing electrons with you in
      real time next Sunday.

      Take care everyone,

      Jeffrey MacHan
      CEO Val Ease Central RR http://www.Val-Ease-Central.com
      Moderator Z_Scale@...
      Ztrack Magazine Contributing Editor http://www.ztrack.com
      ZeBayer http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/val-ease/

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