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New product news from Blair Line

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  • Dale Rush
    Blair Line is now making a TV broadcast antenna and four more sets of laser-cut billboards representing signs from many subjects and eras. The antenna and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2002
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      Blair Line is now making a TV broadcast antenna and four more sets of
      laser-cut billboards representing signs from many subjects and eras. The
      antenna and signs are great for rooftops or roadside. Each billboard is
      designed in layers for easy painting and a 3-D effect.

      All parts are laser-cut for fast and easy assembly. Our signs and
      antenna are cut from specially imported ultra thin plywood for a finer and
      more prototypical appearance.

      TV BROADCAST TOWER is a classic 4 sided broadcast tower that would look
      great on a rooftop or at trackside or roadside. Included with each kit is a
      selection of numbers so you may personalize the tower with your own station
      number. Kit would also make a great radio tower at trackside. Use for any
      era from the 1920's to the present.
      Z - #1516 (1.00" square base x 8.00" tall).......$13.95

      HOTEL (2 BLOCKS) sign was a rooftop fixture in a small town in Illinois.
      This sign would look just as good on a big city roof. Kit may be built with
      arrow pointing left or right. Let your model passengers know about the local
      hotel by putting this sign on a rooftop down by the train station. Use for
      any era.
      Z - #1517 (2.10" wide x 1.25" tall)......$9.95

      GENERAL ELECTRIC sign is similar to the sign used at their facility in
      Syracuse, New York. Use this sign on your appliance, hardware or radio store
      as a rooftop advertising sign on any rooftop. Or put it on your locomotive
      repair or erection shops.
      Z - #1518 (2.10" wide x 1.75" tall).....$9.95

      RED CROSS sign is a great public service sign and would look good on
      rooftops of any era. Sign would be especially appropriate for any war
      (W.W.II, Korea, etc.) era layout. As a bonus a portion of the proceeds from
      the sale of this sign will be donated to the American Red Cross.
      Z - #1519 (1.80" wide x 1.80" tall).....$9.95

      UNITED STATES FLAG sign is a nice way to show your patriotism on any era
      model. This sign is sure to be an attention getter at any location on any
      layout. Sign includes 4 slogans; IN GOD WE TRUST, UNITED WE STAND, BUY WAR
      Z - #1520 (1.80" wide x 1.80" tall).....$9.95

      Photos of these signs are available at www.blairline.com/cutouts

      All these products are available now from your dealer or direct. If your
      dealer does not stock Blair Line products, they may order Blair Line
      products from the following distributors: Hobby Stores Dist., Horizon Hobby,
      Portman, Stevens, Western Star, and Wm. K. Walthers.

      Sept./Oct. 2002 - HO Ernie's Conoco Gas Station
      2002 - HO General Store
      2002 - Z Laser-cut Shotgun House
      2002 - Z Laser-cut Loading Ramp

      For your convenience we have a toll free number for orders. The number is
      877-445-1945. Please use this for orders only. All other calls please use

      Best Wishes,
      Dale Rush
      Blair Line - Lasercut Structures/Signs/Bridges/Decals
      PO Box 1136
      Carthage, MO 64836
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