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UMTRR August 2002 (Exciting NewZ!)

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    IRWINSJOURNAL.COM Presents: The Unofficial Micro-Trains® Release Report Issue #67 - August, 2002 UMTRR 8.2002 (12) (Not affiliated with Micro-Trains Line,
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      The Unofficial Micro-Trains´┐Ż Release Report
      Issue #67 - August, 2002 UMTRR 8.2002 (12)
      (Not affiliated with Micro-Trains Line, Inc.)

      Copyright (C) 2002, George J. Irwin.

      Z SCALE: Three, count 'em, three items to tell you
      about this

      New Release: 14606, Marklin Coupler, $13.20, 14606-2,
      Micro-Trains Coupler,
      $14.90, 40 Foot Bulkhead Flat Car, Galveston
      Railway/Golden West
      Blue with yellow and red lettering, "Golden West
      Service" logo
      in center.
      Reporting Marks: GSVR 459003. (Note: I am assuming
      that the
      marks are included on the car although the images on
      the MTL
      website and in
      the "Short Line" do not show this.) Approximate Time
      early 1990's
      (though 1987 service date given by MTL) to present
      (but see

      The chronology is a little confusing on this new 1:220
      Both the
      July 1987 and the July 1989 ORERs list the Galveston
      Railway as
      not yet
      owning any freight cars. We have to go up to October
      before, eh, registering a hit with these cars. It's
      fair to state
      that the SP, which serviced the real thing in 1987,
      still owned or
      at least leased it from builder Greenbrier (now
      which is the
      force behind Golden West Service.

      From a prototype fidelity standpoint, the good news
      exactly start
      with the ORER listing. The series 443000 to 459034 is
      of 155
      cars of 57
      feet inside length, so the best I could say is that
      this is a
      "representative" model of a Golden West bulkhead flat.
      Even in
      Z Scale, I
      think the difference between 40 and 57 feet is
      noticable. I
      didn't think
      that the GVSR had any bulkheads that short, and my
      ORER lookups
      show that
      they did not. I can tell you that the prototype
      series has hung
      on through
      the January 2002 ORER, so "to present" would be the

      Reprint: 14507, Marklin Coupler, $10.95, 14507-2,
      $12.65, 40 Foot Flat Car, Great Northern. Freight car
      red with
      lettering including roadname and road number across
      Reporting Marks:
      GN 66212. Approximate Time Period: mid-1940s (1945
      built date
      given by
      MTL) to mid-1970s (but see text).

      The prototype, as listed in the April 1952 ORER, comes
      in at 52
      feet inside
      length, making it a match for MTL's N Scale 44000 body
      but not for
      its Z Scale 14500 body style, which is also a
      fishbelly type
      flat versus
      the flat sided flat that was the real thing.

      The prototype series, 66000 to 66249, had these
      dimensions: 52
      feet inside
      length, 52 feet 9 inch outside length, 3 feet 7 inch
      140,000 pounds capacity. The group was at 247 cars in
      1952, 219
      in January
      1964, and 29 in April 1976, six years after the Great
      was folded
      into the Burlington Northern.

      Announcement: Coming in October will be a 1:220
      version of the
      Express train set. This was shown at the NMRA
      Convention in
      July. We'll
      have the details when the set actually hits stores in
      a couple
      of months,
      if not before.


      Jeffrey MacHan

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