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Re: [z_scale] MT dummy F-units

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  • Mr. W
    I d make a couple of suggestions. First, I d check to see how well your wheels turn in the metal side frames when the plastic isn t in place (you ll have to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 4, 2002
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      I'd make a couple of suggestions. First, I'd check to see how well your
      wheels turn in the metal side frames when the plastic isn't in place (you'll
      have to hold the locomotives upside-down to do this). If they are binding
      at all, you may be having some problems with flash on either the wheels or
      the metal side frames. You can take care of this yourself by identifying
      the problem spot and using a needle file. Also, you may just have some dirt
      that's gotten in there and needs to be cleaned out. In any event, I'd
      strongly recommend applying some graphite to the wheels to help them roll
      If the wheels roll fine when the plastic side frames aren't in place,
      but they bind when they are, then I'd say that the shims that you got are
      actually too thin. Here again, there are a number of things that you can do
      about this. The problem may be that the cradles for the wheels in the metal
      were molded too shallow on these particular units (it has been known to
      happen on a rare occasion). If that's the case, you can send the units in
      to MTL for repairs (warning: you'll likely get charged for such), you can
      grind out the cradles with a round needle file, or you can make your shims a
      little thicker by adding a bit of folded paper to them. Clearly the last is
      the simplest, so that would be where I'd recommend starting.
      I hope that this helps.



      on Wed, 03 Jul 2002 18:41:28, ddechamp71 at ddechamp71@... wrote:

      > Hi guys, I need your help further more: About 2 years ago I purchased
      > 4 then brand new (dummy) MT F7B. The less to be said, that was their
      > rolling characteristics were quite poor: 4 units were able to stall 2
      > powered MT F-units, which are yet among the best pullers in the Z
      > market. So I ordered a number of shims to MT. I put the shims on the
      > right place (I think), between the metal internal truck and the
      > plastic external truck frame, just between the tiny screws that link
      > the two parts of the truck together. Now things are hardly
      > better......Someone in this forum should have an idea about this?
      > Thanks for any info!
      > Cheers
      > Dominique from cloudy Paris, France
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