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UMTRR July 2002

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    IRWINSJOURNAL.COM Presents: The Unofficial Micro-Trains® Release Report Issue #67 - July, 2002 (Not affiliated with Micro-Trains Line, Inc.) Copyright (C)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2002
      The Unofficial Micro-Trains´┐Ż Release Report
      Issue #67 - July, 2002
      (Not affiliated with Micro-Trains Line, Inc.)

      Copyright (C) 2002, George J. Irwin.

      Z SCALE:

      Reprint: 14422, Marklin Coupler, $13.75, 14422-2, Micro-Trains
      $15.45, 39 Foot Single Dome Tank Car, Western Pacific. Black
      with white
      lettering including roadname and road number on left. Reporting
      Marks: WP
      1124. Approximate Time Period: early 1910's to 1940's.

      Well, I was all set to say, "please see the description of the N
      release in the April 2002 UMTRR." But noooooooo... this is a
      paint scheme. And a different road number as well. So much for
      the easy
      way out.

      A tank car this old isn't going to have much on the 'net, but
      the Union
      Pacific did donate WP tanker number 1132 from the same prototype
      series to
      the Feather River Rail Society's museum in Portola, California.
      There's a
      photo of it on the FRRS website (via the URL
      http://www.oz.net/~samh/frrs .
      The tank is quite rusted and only a little bit of lettering is
      discernable. There's a relief valve on the dome that isn't on
      the MTL

      This car was built in 1912 according to both the website and the
      MTL car
      copy, and the series 1081 to 1180 does show up in the April 1912
      ORER. The
      car length is 29 feet 10 inches "inside" and 33 feet "outside"
      and the
      capacity is shown as 10,040 gallons or 80,000 pounds. There
      were 99 cars
      in the series at the time and the WP had 67 other tankers on the
      roster as
      well. I wonder what they were used for? In 1928 it certainly
      company service for diesel fuel.

      The January 1940 Register shows 98 cars remaining in the group,
      but the
      group is not present in the July 1950 ORER. My suspicion is
      that the cars
      had been pulled out of revenue service, and thus the Register
      or they were sold off or otherwise dispositioned. The ATP is
      also somewhat suspect, for two reasons: First, the paint scheme
      depicted by
      MTL may not have lasted that long. I feel that it's more of an
      1900's style than a mid-century version, given the large amount
      of spelled
      out dimensional data. Second, the car may have been around
      longer than
      given credit for in the ORER Accumulation. So, the Approximate
      Time Period
      I'm giving needs to be taken with a larger than usual grain of


      --George in Ellison Park, New York
      --Author, The Unofficial Micro-Trains Release Report
      Visit the website, now at: http://www.irwinsjournal.com

      Jeffrey R. MacHan
      Chief Imagineer - Val Ease Central RR
      NMRA NTS2001 "Best of Show"
      Z_Scale SIG Coordinator & Moderator:
      Columnist - Ztrack Magazine:

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