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Re: [z_scale] NEWS: NMRA NFR region publishes "Z" article

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    In a message dated 6/1/02 1:57:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time, jmac_han@hotmail.com writes: ... Let me add something here since I am the newsletter
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      In a message dated 6/1/02 1:57:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      jmac_han@... writes:

      > If you are a member of the NMRA consider sending along your
      > "Z" news to your local regional or divisional newsletters. The
      > chances are excellent that you'll be published.

      Let me add something here since I am the newsletter editor for a local NMRA
      division. Please feel free to send articles. We may have to at times balance
      coverage if needed so it doesn't become just a one scale or one use
      newsletter but most newsletter editors especially at divisional level would
      love to have more articles to choose from.

      Our first priorities must be to rely divisional information and meet times,
      places, and important divisional/regional news but usually there's always
      space for fill stories at least. In fact in the newsletter I put out last
      week, once again not one article or picture was submitted for publication
      despite me basically begging for some. There was a lot of editorial type
      writing done by me to finish the spaces out and most of it was describing the
      Richmond convention that starts next Thursday.

      I am already planning on writing an article on the convention and it's
      happenings for our next newsletter so I am sure there will be some mention of
      Z scale in it as there was in the one last week. Our newsletter only comes
      out four times a year but many divisions have the funding, etc., to put it
      out monthly so there's areas around you to check into seeing if you can
      contribute something. Each newsletter has it's own policies but with ours I
      accept articles for possible printing from anyone, NMRA or not as well as
      pictures as we have a couple of ways to handle those.

      > Speaking of the NMRA Bulletin, this month's issue inaugerated a
      > new column on narrow gauge. Frankly, if there is room for a
      > narrow gauge column, why not a regular "Z" scale contribution?
      > There are many of you who are accomplished authors who could
      > certainly contribute occasionally to a column in the Bulletin. Hey,
      > I think I'll send the suggestion along to the president of the
      > NMRA. Who knows, it might work!

      I believe many of the columnist in the National magazine were columnists for
      their local region and as plans developed for national they pulled the
      columnists from the regions. Our regions newsletter just lost one of their
      columnists as he has been asked to do the column for the National publication
      instead. So if you don't get a direct response from the pres, try contacting
      the regional people and starting a column in their publication (and send
      copies to the national editor and pres each time to keep the possibility
      fresh in their minds for a national one).
      Pete Shatswell
      Night Owl Railways

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