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Fwd: World's Greatest Hobby Club update

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Hi Gang, Here is the latest message from the folks at World s Greatest Hobby giving some advice on promoting model railroading and on some upcoming media
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2002
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      Hi Gang,

      Here is the latest message from the folks at "World's Greatest Hobby" giving
      some advice on promoting model railroading and on some upcoming media


      Jeffrey MacHan

      >From: "Club" <Club@...>
      >To: jmac_han@... <jmac_han@...>
      >Subject: World's Greatest Hobby Club update
      >Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 12:57:15 -0500
      >Here is another World's Greatest Hobby campaign update:
      >By now you've received your club kits including the "Building Your First
      >Model Railroad Video." We hope this tape and the other materials in the
      >kit will give you a good start on organizing workshops to help newcomers
      >to the World's Greatest Hobby.
      >One of the best things that clubs with layouts can do to promote the
      >World's Greatest Hobby is simply to let the public see your railroad in
      >action. Whenever else you might want to do this, we especially
      >encourage you to hold an open house in November, which is National Model
      >Railroad Month. Experience shows that this is a time of year when many
      >people are introduced to our hobby. If all of our participating clubs
      >make a concerted effort, it's bound to have a great effect.
      >Why am I mentioning this now? If your club has done it, you know that a
      >successful open house takes planning. Usually some layout preparation is
      >needed to put your best foot forward, and you'll also need to be
      >organized to handle crowds. Most of all, you'll want to plan for the
      >local publicity and media attention that will draw visits from the
      >general public. So it's definitely not too early to start getting ready
      >for your National Model Railroad Month open house.
      >Stew Marshall is an old friend, a longtime model railroad hobbyist and
      >hobby retailer, and now a WGH Ambassador. He lives in Central Florida.
      >Not long ago he sent me some clippings of newspaper stories about train
      >shows and other model railroad events he had organized. Wouldn't it be
      >great, he wrote, if every club in the WGH campaign could get their own
      >stories in their local media, print or TV, for National Model Railroad
      >Clearly it would, so that's what I'm calling the "Stew Marshall
      >Challenge." Your club's open house, beginner's workshops, or train show
      >would all be good "hooks" for feature stories, because they'll show your
      >group making the effort to share the hobby you enjoy with your
      >neighbors. You can start now to make this challenge part of your
      >planning for National Model Railroad Month, and help make this November
      >one of the greatest ever for our hobby.
      >We'd like to hear from you about any WGH workshops that you present, and
      >any other World's Greatest Hobby-related events your club sponsors or
      >participates in. We'd like to share your successes and anything you
      >learn with the other clubs.
      >If you need to change any of the information in your club registration
      >form, you can do so online at
      >Click Here: http://www.greatesthobby.com/wgh/site/registration.asp
      > When you get to that page, click on "update existing information" and
      >you'll be able to enter changes of address, telephone numbers, e-mail,
      >and anything else on the form.
      >The Rosen Group has arranged a pre-Fathers' Day appearance by WGH
      >celebrity spokesperson Michael Gross on NBC's "Today" show. The spot
      >will include a portable large-scale layout as well as the HO layout
      >shown in our "Building Your First Model Railroad" videotape. Look for it
      >on Thursday morning, June 13th.
      >As grass-roots supporters of the campaign we now have 584 model railroad
      >clubs, 865 ambassadors, and 658 hobby shops. As we reported earlier
      >this year, the hobby shops include all Hobbytown USA franchises.
      >Thank you very much for your support and participation.
      >Best wishes,
      >Andy Sperandeo
      >Executive Editor
      >MODEL RAILROADER Magazine
      >262-796-8776, ext. 461
      >Fax 262-796-1142

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