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Re: [z_scale] Richmond Rails 2002

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  • Pasowl@aol.com
    In a message dated 5/28/02 3:33:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time, ... Richmond Rails 2002 is a Mid-Eastern NMRA convention. Anyone can come if they want to pay the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 28, 2002
      In a message dated 5/28/02 3:33:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      RSmidt@... writes:

      > Pete Shatswell,
      > Is the Richmond Rails 2002 event open to the public? I've told a couple of
      > people from Northern Virginia that are interested in going down to see it,
      > but one thought it was only open to exhibitors.
      > Thanks,
      > Randy Smidt

      Richmond Rails 2002 is a Mid-Eastern NMRA convention. Anyone can come if they
      want to pay the registration fee(s). Registration fees are as follows:
      Primary Registrant, $35.00 on/after April 1st 2002, Partner (Living at same
      address) $10.00,
      Children (Under 5 FREE) $10.00, Non – NMRA Fee add $15.00

      The registration fee gets you admission to the conventions activities (except
      the banquet was an extra charge) and of course your convention packet of
      information, schedules, pin & badge, etc.. If you aren't a member of the NMRA
      there is the extra fee which is listed on the registration form and mentioned
      above (form is downloadable from the web site (pasted at end of note), or
      just pick one up at the door since it's so late).

      The preregistration deadline/discount has past so you would have to register
      at the door now but that's still OK. The buffet banquet tickets will not be
      available at the door (unless there's some circumstances that result in
      cancellations and therefore extra tickets) as the hotel is requiring a final
      count ahead of time. But that doesn't affect any of the other activities.

      At the hotel there will be modules of HO, N, S and hopefully Z running for a
      lot of hours from Thursday afternoon (convention officially starts at 4:00
      June 6th) to late Saturday afternoon at the hotel. I know if Rob is able to
      get his Z layout there he may surprise a whole heck of a lot of people with
      the controls he has over his Z operations. The couple of us that went to see
      the system a while back are still talking about how we can incorporate
      similar controls into our own plans.

      There will be 14 open houses available, 28 clinics on misc. subjects, several
      prototype type activities, a contest room and AP judging going on, an awards
      ceremony after the Saturday night banquet, a live auction that night (items
      are brought in by the registered conventioneers so you could end up making
      some money, or maybe even buying more stuff! :-) ). There's also a
      hospitality suite if you need a break, the MER board will have their board
      meeting Thursday night, and the company store where some MER items including
      their new piece of exclusive rolling stock (a HO Anchor Petroleum Tank Car)
      will be available. There is usually a whole lot of socialization going on

      Also the traditional door prizes drawings (where you buy one or more rails
      length of tickets for a dollar each and stuff the boxes of the items you want
      to try to win) will be on hand. I have collected over a hundred items for
      that activity now. As quoted from the local divisional newsletter issue that
      just went out "Probably the most valuable prize, at least from a dollar
      standpoint, is a seat reserved for the winning ticket holder to ride aboard
      the trains Unlimited Tours Nevada Northern Railfan Spectacular Tour on Sept.
      28th. However a wide variety of other valuable items have been donated also
      including scenery items, couplers, structure and billboard kits, Manufacturer
      catalogs, track cleaners, rolling stock (so far N, HOn3, and HO), tools,
      vehicle kits, detailing parts, video/DVD’s, key chain, calendar,
      scratchbuilding lumber, magazine subscriptions, and yes, a locomotive (always
      a favorite), this time an Athern SE HO double set, a powered GP38-2 with a
      dummy SW1000, both in Conrail Philly Div. paint scheme."

      The convention staff also traded an advertising space in the conventions
      handbook for a discount to the register attendees at three of the local hobby
      shops. The discounts range from 10% to 20%, it was the stores decision as to
      amount in each case.

      We are all praying that Rob's new trailer comes in like immediately and he is
      able to make it with his Z layout. There's been a lot of interest in seeing
      it. However Rob does need that to provide the transportation to the show so
      keep your fingers cross that it or some alternative if feasible comes thru!

      As a side note, Marklin came through in great fashion for our information
      table and attendees packages with brochures of various types for each
      convention attendee and also provided a HO and N door prize (track cleaners),
      a Marklin keychain and some of their full line catalogs as prizes. I had a
      RRfriends get-together the other night and showed them the Marklin brochures
      and their products and Z scale was the topic of discussion for a lot of the
      night. I also showed them my newest Z acquisition, the passenger consist and
      they were quite taken by it. Some of my Z scale items may come with me to at
      least be conversation pieces in my digital photography clinic and elsewhere.

      Due to other convention duties I have had to handle I have not been able to
      spend a lot of time on building my own Z display unit so it will not be at
      the show but have plans to show it in a couple of local places later this
      summer and outside chance of in New Jersey later this year. But I am still
      enthused with the possibilities and working as much as possible on a couple
      of layouts while trying to handle a lot of other items also. Hopefully after
      this next month things will start calming down and I can get more time to
      relaxed a little.

      If any of you do come to the convention feel free to introduce yourself to
      me. I'm not the greatest on remembering names but I enjoy putting faces on
      the people that enjoy the hobby so much! As host divisional superintendent I
      will probably be running around all over the place feeling like my head is
      spinning but feel free to grab me and say hi. I am hoping to hit a lot of the
      clinics myself. :-).

      So yes anyone can come, just pay the registration fees as mentioned.
      Take it easy,
      Pete Shatswell
      Night Owl Railways
      Convention Site:
      <A HREF="http://richmondrails.homestead.com/">Richmond Rails 2002</A>

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