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9853Re: [z_scale] Track Weathering. attn Kari Tanskanen

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  • Ole Rosted
    May 4, 2002
      On Fri, 03 May 2002 10:07:51 +0300, Kari Tanskanen wrote:

      Hi Kari,

      >I think there's no need to be that critical about depth of field.
      >You are just pushing the technology to the limits.

      What else are limits for? :-)

      Thanks for the mental support, Kari, I am/was sitting here feeling
      dumber and dumber. By no means an unfamiliar feeling, but nevertheless
      difficult to get used to.

      > They just show the advantage of bigger scales in this case.

      That must be the only situation for Z to be disadvantageous?

      >I don't know whether other digital cameras have
      >smaller apertures available or whether an expensive digital SLR would
      >help in this case,

      I do!! - According to specs - that is. The Nikon DX1 and D100 have all
      the things I need. Unfortunately I do *not* have what Nikon needs =
      6.000 usd. OK the D100 is "only" half that price, but still beyond my
      spending horizon.
      And even if it weren't, I'm not convinced, that a better camera would
      help me. There are people that can do whatever they want using a bent
      nail and a piece of band-aid. And there is me. Sad but true :-(
      Never mind - I'm having great fun anyway!

      >but I think that's about as good as it gets with
      >current state of technology.

      Thank you!!

      regards Ole Rosted
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