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9844Re: [z_scale] Track Weathering. attn Bill K.

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  • Kari Tanskanen
    May 3, 2002
      I think there's no need to be that critical about depth of field.
      You are just pushing the technology to the limits. The Tuborg car
      is an extreme close-up. And the green train shot from an angle is
      because it requires a lot of depth of field. It's no use to compare with
      those pictures somebody else took. They just show the advantage of
      scales in this case. I don't know whether other digital cameras have
      smaller apertures available or whether an expensive digital SLR would
      help in this case, but I think that's about as good as it gets with
      current state of technology.

      Kari Tanskanen ktanskan@...
      Tampere University of Technology Machine Design Laboratory

      Ole Rosted wrote:
      > Ok - they *are* a little out of fucus :-))
      > So are mine!
      > I'm beginning to think that light - lots of light - is fundamental to
      > close-up photography. In fact I believe that taking the pics outdoors
      > on a lightly clouded, sunny day is the best way to get an even - and
      > sufficient - lighting.
      > What camera do you use? ( you may have told us but either I haven't
      > seen it or I have forgotten it) Talk about "volatile memory" :-((
      > I have added a page to my close-up "site" at
      > http://home4.inet.tele.dk/rosted
      > if anyone cares to see (some of) my attemts. I had some trouble with
      > the navigation buttons (at the bottom of the pages. But they are
      > working now.
      > I didn't take the *good* pics on the pages, and my search for the
      > artist hasn't revealed him/her.
      > regards Ole Rosted
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