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9834Re: Track Weathering & NOW structure weathering

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  • jmac_han
    May 1, 2002
      My wife is the structure weathering expert in my household. I think
      that I promised that I would do an article in Ztrack telling the
      world all about her techniques...maybe this Fall.

      My rather limited talents in the structure weathering regard include
      using india ink washes (a couple of drops of ink in a small bottle of
      rubbing alcohol), dry brushing with various colours of paints, rust,
      white, grimy black etc., dusting with weathering chalks, washes with
      rust solutions and applications of ground cover materials for ivy,
      and mosses. Just a few ideas...

      Keep us informed of your 4-seasons project. I know you can, I know
      you can, I know you can...


      --- In z_scale@y..., "kianholstead" <kianholstead@y...> wrote:

      > My next question for the group is about WEATHERING STRUCTURES.
      > with what?, solution dilution %'s?, tips? tricks? etc. What works
      > what doesn't.
      > And Jeffery, I've decided to make a go at making my Cortina into a
      > seasons layout! Thanks for the photo inspiration!
      > I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...
      > Thanks again,
      > Kian
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