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9831Re: Track Weathering & NOW structure weathering

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  • kianholstead
    Apr 30, 2002
      Bill, thanks for the information. I didn't mean to start a whole new
      thread on photography though! But glad to help. ha!

      I went down today and bought the Decco DRK BRWN marker. That's the
      color I was looking for!! The regular Brown is too red (for me). I
      even was able to cut the tip so that nothing (or at least, very
      little) got on the ties. By the way, Micheal's is having a 50% off
      sale on all Decco Markers until this Saturday. A great deal!!

      I have decided to use it on the inside of the rails too. I had to
      agree with Jeffery that coating the lower portion of the inside of
      the rail "perfected the look" to use his motto! So here I go...

      Thanks to the two of you, I'll have great looking rails.

      My next question for the group is about WEATHERING STRUCTURES. How?,
      with what?, solution dilution %'s?, tips? tricks? etc. What works and
      what doesn't.

      And Jeffery, I've decided to make a go at making my Cortina into a 4-
      seasons layout! Thanks for the photo inspiration!

      I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

      Thanks again,

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