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9400Re: Time to vote!

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  • jmac_han
    Apr 1, 2002
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      Hi Grandpa Dave,

      Yes, Yahoogroups can be frustrating...that being said, I suspect
      that your problem is related to the log-in process.

      You are a member of Z_Scale so you don't have to reregister. If
      you do not have access to the poll or other member only
      functions, it is because you have not signed in. If you look at the
      upper right hand corner of the screen (just under the Yahoo
      banner ad), you'll see a link called "Sign In" or "Sign Out" if a
      different user is already signed in. Look at the line just above the
      "Z_SCale - The Z scale 1:220 Model Trains Forum". It should
      say Welcome, davendiana. If it says Guest then you have to
      log-in. If it says someone else's ID then you need to "Sign Out"
      and then "Sign In" under your user ID. Whew! I have to do this
      regularly since my wife is always logging on to other groups. ;-)

      Click on the "Sign In" link and you'll be asked for your Yahoo ID
      and your password. Your ID is davendiana but only you know
      your password.

      Once you have signed in, Yahoogroups will either display the
      screen that you were denied access to or it will present a list of
      your active Yahoogroups. In the latter case, click on Z_Scale and
      you'll have access to all the functions of the group.

      This should solve the problem, I hope anyway. As I said, you are
      certainly a member, you probably just need to sign-in.

      Good luck and thanks for pointing out the problem. I hope that I
      have been of some help.


      --- In z_scale@y..., "davendiana" <spices@m...> wrote:
      > Jeffery, I would like to participate but unfortunately the process
      > becoming a member is too complicated for this old codger. My
      efforts to
      > correct my earlier "mistakes" at sign in, rejoin.... just gives
      more of the
      > same oops you are not a member. I have tried to stat over but
      I can't
      > change my e-mail address. I'm really disappointed because I
      wade thru
      > countless pointless messages daily, deleting as I go, Then
      when something
      > of interest pops up.............oops you are not a member. Oh
      well, I'll
      > get one of my grand kids to straighten it out one of these days.
      > Dave.
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