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8993RE: [z_scale] Re: Z scale "aura" compared to N

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  • David George
    Mar 5, 2002
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      Thank you Robert A. for your kind thoughts on my module scenery. Jeffery
      M. stated earlier that he builds dioramas with trains in them. I guess
      that is my starting point also. Maybe we should borrow from a famous movie
      and book and paraphrase to " And A Train Runs Through It ".
      David G.
      Spring, Tex.
      --- Robert Allbritton <robert@...> wrote:
      > Hi folks,
      > Just my 2 cents worth: A track height of 50 inches works very well for
      > me. I
      > constructed all of my modules with them standing at the 50" height -
      > result? - when I placed them on the ground for the first time they
      > looked
      > silly. A thin mountain snaked down the middle with seemingly impossible
      > grades. Raise it up to that 50" height and it looks fantastic (well, at
      > least it does to me.) and that is the point. Build something that makes
      > you
      > happy. If you derive happiness from the approval of others, then build
      > what
      > the majority prefer. But, something tells me that if you are looking for
      > the
      > approval of the masses, then you would be working with HO, not Z.
      > David George has a good point: if you have lots of interior details,
      > then
      > they are going to be hard to view at the 50" height. I had the chance to
      > see
      > his work in St. Louis, and they are really fantastic (makes my stuff
      > look
      > like poo - poo) but I kind of liked his modules at the 50" height. There
      > were tons of interior details that I knew I could not see, and that
      > added to
      > the magic and realism. We can not see everything in everyday life, and I
      > really enjoyed trains popping up in locations I could not predict.
      > To Jeffrey's point on viewing things from above, I agree: I like to see
      > things from a bird's eye point of view as well (Probably explains why my
      > other "fun" activity is piloting airplanes) but I spend the majority of
      > my
      > time on the ground. When I want that unusually bird's eye perspective,
      > I'll
      > go get the ladder (grin)
      > To quote an old line: "To each his own," said the old lady as she kissed
      > the
      > cow.
      > Best,
      > -Rob
      > www.z220.com
      > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      > On the subject of viewing height, the debat continues to rage. I
      > like to have the layout at eye level when I am sitting down. When
      > I stand and tower over the layout I enjoy the helicopter
      > perspective. At train shows I also enjoy watching my trains from
      > 10 to 20 feet away. Perhaps the surprise of seeing the miniature
      > landscape from many percieved distances is what appeals to
      > viewers. We can all pretend to be Superman zooming in to save
      > the day as we approach the Z landscape from afar. Didn't you
      > ever have dreams of flying like a bird?
      > I have heard that Z appeals to many people who seem to sum
      > up their feelings with the word "cute". <wink> When the
      > cuteness of Z trains is enveloped by a fully scenicked landscape
      > the public seems to lose sight of the trains and see an animated
      > world. At least that is the impression I get from talking to
      > visitors
      > to the Val Ease Central.
      > After almost 10 years on the road with the layout, I still get a
      > thrill
      > when I step back and enjoy the colours and visual textures of the
      > finished diorama (i.e. layout). Our animated dioramas have
      > railroads as a central theme but they are really just a series of
      > dioramas that may be discreet or continuous.
      > Diorama building is a very impressionistic art form. I have tried
      > to express my modelling philosophy with the phrase "Don't Look
      > for Perfection, Perfect the Look". And I'm still working on it!
      > Jeffrey
      > "Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!
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