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8982Re: Z scale "aura" compared to N

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  • ddechamp71
    Mar 5, 2002
      Hi all, very interresting all these topics. In my case, I think that
      Z is interresting because of the "overflying" characteristics, but
      only on the large layouts. The coffee-table or briefcase types should
      be according to me only displayed at eyes heigth (it should be easy
      to fit some adjustable legs, or removable ones, due truly to their
      small size). Maybe like this it would remove the idea from non-Z
      scale modelrailroaders that our scale is "the-scale-where-mad-
      cockroaches-run-crazily-from-end-of-box-to-the-other". Presently I am
      working on a small display (50"long and 10" wide) that will be at
      about 60" high, just to have my trains slightly under eyes level (I
      have no kids). But when I begin (at last!) my main layout, I will
      have mandatorily low level displays and higher ones, as my last
      trackplan on which I'm working will be a bi-levelled one. Actually it
      completely deals with what I'm looking for: I am not a "rivet
      counter", like some wider scales modellers who love having a lot of
      details on their rolling stock but who don't care seeing it running
      on tramway style tight curves; but instead I love having a panoramic
      view of a railroad scenery (like the actual sight of the Tehachapi
      Loop where I go railfanning 3 to 4 times a year - thanks to my
      airline pilot employment): it permits me to see what I'm loving with
      north american railroading: huge 100-car freight trains with 4 or 5
      monster diesel locomotives at the point (I'm too young to have known
      the same with Cabs-forward or Challengers). Indeed I should
      love "flying" some feet just above the tracks just for the sight of
      the tremendous length of these trains, what is not easy at ground
      level, and according to me Z scale is the best for this purpose.
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