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8974Re: Z scale "aura" compared to N

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  • jmac_han
    Mar 5, 2002
      Hi Bill,

      You are quite correct in mentioning that opinions come in all siZes
      as well as viewing heights ;-)

      I'm glad that there are a variety of layouts and differing viewing
      heights at train shows. The Z-Bend Track 50" standard is fine for a
      walk-around modular layout and has many advantages. Setting up the
      VECRR at 50" would require a platform lift and is impractical
      obviously. My viewing height is determined by the height of the
      table or counter top so it does vary on occasion. At some shows the
      height was such that I placed a bench in front of the layout so that
      little ones could get up to see the layout properly.

      My only beef with standing-level viewing heights at train shows is
      that our handicapped and wheelchair bound visitors are unable to
      enjoy the Z trains above their heads. If it were possible to do so,
      I would suggest a modular concept with two leg lengths, one for
      public shows with comfortable viewing when seated and the second for
      club gatherings at 50". Perhaps this could be done with a two part
      screw-in tubular leg system? Just food for thought.

      I noticed that David George had incorporated this idea into his
      layout at NTS2001.

      Jeffrey MacHan

      --- In z_scale@y..., zbendtrack@a... wrote:
      > Rob:
      > > The perspective of looking down compared to looking at
      > > the trains is a topic of much discussion here lately
      > And it will probably continue as long as their are modeler's out
      there, too.
      > Each of us "sees" with a different mindset.
      > For what it's worth, both the modular standards are at 50" which
      provides for
      > an eye level viewpoint. Both groups independently arrived at the
      > height, which is even more amazing. When these very large layouts
      > assembled at shows, its a ton of fun walking along with the trains
      with the
      > sensation of "being in the scene" and not flying over it.
      > Opinions come in all sizes....
      > Bill Kronenberger
      > Houston
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