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8971RE: [z_scale] Re: Z scale "aura" compared to N

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  • Robert Allbritton
    Mar 5, 2002
      Hi folks,

      Just my 2 cents worth: A track height of 50 inches works very well for me. I
      constructed all of my modules with them standing at the 50" height -
      result? - when I placed them on the ground for the first time they looked
      silly. A thin mountain snaked down the middle with seemingly impossible
      grades. Raise it up to that 50" height and it looks fantastic (well, at
      least it does to me.) and that is the point. Build something that makes you
      happy. If you derive happiness from the approval of others, then build what
      the majority prefer. But, something tells me that if you are looking for the
      approval of the masses, then you would be working with HO, not Z.

      David George has a good point: if you have lots of interior details, then
      they are going to be hard to view at the 50" height. I had the chance to see
      his work in St. Louis, and they are really fantastic (makes my stuff look
      like poo - poo) but I kind of liked his modules at the 50" height. There
      were tons of interior details that I knew I could not see, and that added to
      the magic and realism. We can not see everything in everyday life, and I
      really enjoyed trains popping up in locations I could not predict.

      To Jeffrey's point on viewing things from above, I agree: I like to see
      things from a bird's eye point of view as well (Probably explains why my
      other "fun" activity is piloting airplanes) but I spend the majority of my
      time on the ground. When I want that unusually bird's eye perspective, I'll
      go get the ladder (grin)

      To quote an old line: "To each his own," said the old lady as she kissed the



      On the subject of viewing height, the debat continues to rage. I
      like to have the layout at eye level when I am sitting down. When
      I stand and tower over the layout I enjoy the helicopter
      perspective. At train shows I also enjoy watching my trains from
      10 to 20 feet away. Perhaps the surprise of seeing the miniature
      landscape from many percieved distances is what appeals to
      viewers. We can all pretend to be Superman zooming in to save
      the day as we approach the Z landscape from afar. Didn't you
      ever have dreams of flying like a bird?

      I have heard that Z appeals to many people who seem to sum
      up their feelings with the word "cute". <wink> When the
      cuteness of Z trains is enveloped by a fully scenicked landscape
      the public seems to lose sight of the trains and see an animated
      world. At least that is the impression I get from talking to
      to the Val Ease Central.

      After almost 10 years on the road with the layout, I still get a
      when I step back and enjoy the colours and visual textures of the
      finished diorama (i.e. layout). Our animated dioramas have
      railroads as a central theme but they are really just a series of
      dioramas that may be discreet or continuous.

      Diorama building is a very impressionistic art form. I have tried
      to express my modelling philosophy with the phrase "Don't Look
      for Perfection, Perfect the Look". And I'm still working on it!


      "Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!

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