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8966Re: [z_scale] Re: Z scale "aura" compared to N

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  • David George
    Mar 4, 2002
      I went from a ZBend standard of 50 inches in heigth to a table top level
      for two reasons. 1. I have an interior valley in one wide module that is
      hard to see for most adults at the 50 inch level , and 2. Dads and Moms
      were always lifting children up to see the layout at shows. I brought a
      step ladder to the shows to help out , but now I have a much larger layout
      and would need too many ladders for the kids.
      David G.
      Spring, Texas
      --- pasowl <Pasowl@...> wrote:
      > I feel there's another reason for what "feels" right also. And that's
      > your viewing distance.
      > With my most recent HO layout now under construction, I raised it up
      > quite a bit above what module units and others reccomend. This
      > permits me to look more into the scene then down on the scene and the
      > HO size allows you the detailing possiabilities for doing that.
      > In N scale the most common height is the N-trak specs which I am sure
      > most of us have seen. In many cases I feel (and only my opinion on
      > all of this subject)these modules would gain a lot better perspective
      > if they were raised up a bit more so more people would either look
      > more directly into the scenes (like the spectator was in a tall
      > building looking down perhaps)or dropped a bit and the modules widen
      > some to make the "mental image" more "common" to what someone might
      > already have an "mental" feel for, I.e. flying in a jet over the land.
      > When viewing these modules now, in many cases, I feel that you're
      > looking at it from a platform such as when you're flying over them in
      > a crop duster or helicopter close to the ground. Most people never
      > have that opportunity so you feel a little uneasy about what you are
      > seeing in the broad sense yet you're not sure just why.
      > Of course if it's a "first look" at the scene you're excitied at all
      > of the details, the memories the scene might bring to you, the
      > mpovement of the trains, etc. However the longer and more often you
      > look at the same modules, you tend to build up this sense
      > that "somethings not quite right". I feel part of the problem is that
      > your mind doesn't really have a lot of memory information to compare
      > this "unusual" viwewing angle/distance with.
      > I haven't had a chance yet to visit any Z modelers layouts as I am
      > just starting into this scale but in my inital views of small
      > displays at a couple of shows and of web page pictures, etc. I can
      > see how many people may feel "more comfortable" with the
      > overall "mental images" they get from well made Z scale systems
      > because they have been exposed to smaller ground based items from a
      > height they can relate to. Most people either fly often or seen many
      > more higher attitude images (via magazines, films, TV, etc.) then
      > they have from a low flying viewpoint.
      > So in my opinion part of the "aura" equation needs to be the smaller
      > size vs the probable viewing distance and what people have more
      > memories of to compare it metallly to.
      > I've flown in copters before and that's what kind of "platform" my
      > mind often imagines as I view N modules at a show from my sight level
      > (I'm 6'1" tall). With HO modules, if my bad back permits it, I almost
      > always lean down and look more straight on. Z's going to be
      > interesting to get the feel of once I can visit some layouts but my
      > inital thoughts right now is that I will probably feel that I am on a
      > higher attitude plane platform. More and more this "mental image" may
      > play a factor in viewing comfort as it is very common nowadays for
      > people to be exposed to a lot of high attitude images from flying or
      > even newsclips and movies, especially with the terroism war going on
      > and so many action type movies being produced.
      > So that's just my thoughts that viewing distance can also contribute
      > to the "mental reality" a lot in addition to other factors. Z may
      > have an advantage here of being more friendly to peoples minds when
      > you're dealing with "standard module heights" as you are playing into
      > mental images that your spectators are more comforatable with.
      > Just my thoughts,
      > Pete Shatswell
      > Night Owl Railways
      > --- In z_scale@y..., "webffm" <webffm@y...> wrote:
      > > Maybe aura is the wrong term, but it closely describes my
      > observation
      > > of the fact the modeling scale of Z simply looks better for some
      > > reason than N scale. I noticed I was never happy with the size of
      > N
      > > scale. Whereas HO offers enough detail to be very believable, Z
      > > offers enough of a direct lack of detail to also be very realistic,
      > > in proportion. N scale tries to be HO in detail, but it is so much
      > > larger than Z you can't hide enough of it to make it look really
      > > good. Comes off almost too "toy-like" I think. I guess what I am
      > > saying is Z pulls it off better than N in terms of the overall
      > look.
      > > ...

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