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8962Re: Z scale "aura" compared to N

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  • pasowl
    Mar 3, 2002
      I feel there's another reason for what "feels" right also. And that's
      your viewing distance.

      With my most recent HO layout now under construction, I raised it up
      quite a bit above what module units and others reccomend. This
      permits me to look more into the scene then down on the scene and the
      HO size allows you the detailing possiabilities for doing that.

      In N scale the most common height is the N-trak specs which I am sure
      most of us have seen. In many cases I feel (and only my opinion on
      all of this subject)these modules would gain a lot better perspective
      if they were raised up a bit more so more people would either look
      more directly into the scenes (like the spectator was in a tall
      building looking down perhaps)or dropped a bit and the modules widen
      some to make the "mental image" more "common" to what someone might
      already have an "mental" feel for, I.e. flying in a jet over the land.

      When viewing these modules now, in many cases, I feel that you're
      looking at it from a platform such as when you're flying over them in
      a crop duster or helicopter close to the ground. Most people never
      have that opportunity so you feel a little uneasy about what you are
      seeing in the broad sense yet you're not sure just why.

      Of course if it's a "first look" at the scene you're excitied at all
      of the details, the memories the scene might bring to you, the
      mpovement of the trains, etc. However the longer and more often you
      look at the same modules, you tend to build up this sense
      that "somethings not quite right". I feel part of the problem is that
      your mind doesn't really have a lot of memory information to compare
      this "unusual" viwewing angle/distance with.

      I haven't had a chance yet to visit any Z modelers layouts as I am
      just starting into this scale but in my inital views of small
      displays at a couple of shows and of web page pictures, etc. I can
      see how many people may feel "more comfortable" with the
      overall "mental images" they get from well made Z scale systems
      because they have been exposed to smaller ground based items from a
      height they can relate to. Most people either fly often or seen many
      more higher attitude images (via magazines, films, TV, etc.) then
      they have from a low flying viewpoint.

      So in my opinion part of the "aura" equation needs to be the smaller
      size vs the probable viewing distance and what people have more
      memories of to compare it metallly to.

      I've flown in copters before and that's what kind of "platform" my
      mind often imagines as I view N modules at a show from my sight level
      (I'm 6'1" tall). With HO modules, if my bad back permits it, I almost
      always lean down and look more straight on. Z's going to be
      interesting to get the feel of once I can visit some layouts but my
      inital thoughts right now is that I will probably feel that I am on a
      higher attitude plane platform. More and more this "mental image" may
      play a factor in viewing comfort as it is very common nowadays for
      people to be exposed to a lot of high attitude images from flying or
      even newsclips and movies, especially with the terroism war going on
      and so many action type movies being produced.

      So that's just my thoughts that viewing distance can also contribute
      to the "mental reality" a lot in addition to other factors. Z may
      have an advantage here of being more friendly to peoples minds when
      you're dealing with "standard module heights" as you are playing into
      mental images that your spectators are more comforatable with.
      Just my thoughts,
      Pete Shatswell
      Night Owl Railways

      --- In z_scale@y..., "webffm" <webffm@y...> wrote:
      > Maybe aura is the wrong term, but it closely describes my
      > of the fact the modeling scale of Z simply looks better for some
      > reason than N scale. I noticed I was never happy with the size of
      > scale. Whereas HO offers enough detail to be very believable, Z
      > offers enough of a direct lack of detail to also be very realistic,
      > in proportion. N scale tries to be HO in detail, but it is so much
      > larger than Z you can't hide enough of it to make it look really
      > good. Comes off almost too "toy-like" I think. I guess what I am
      > saying is Z pulls it off better than N in terms of the overall
      > ...
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