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  • Ztrack@aol.com
    Feb 1, 2000
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      Welcome to Z scale!

      Yes, Z is perfect if space is limited. I is also perfect if you have
      unlimited space and plan on building a large layout! You mentioned signaling.
      I it quite possible to operate trains and run them by signal in Z. I I use
      signals to control a number of sidings on my layout to store trains and
      regulate operation.

      Z tends to be more expensive then other scales. Availability and pricing
      though depends on what your interest may be. If you are looking to model U.S.
      prototype, Micro-Trains items are less than M�rklin�s. MT offers a nice line
      of U.S. prototypes. Companies such as PENZEE are now offering U.S. hoppers to
      fill the gaps left in the MT and M�rklin lines.

      M�rklin offers an extensive line of European prototypes and some select but
      quite nice U.S. prototypes. They are continually expanding their line with
      new body styles, paint schemes and accessories.

      As for scratch building, likely some will be necessary, but if you are
      planning a small layout, you will find manufacturers such as Micro-Structures,
      Micron-Art, Vollmer and Kibri offer nice lines of Z items.

      I hope this helps!

      Rob Kluz
      Ztrack Magazine
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