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8563Re: Poll results for z_scale

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  • Yuji Kuwabara
    Jan 27, 2002

      > Pretty soon Marlin and MicroTrains are going to run out of road
      > names for the "venerable" F7.

      I think there are still so many interesting paint schemes for F7
      (even if not applied to real F7 (for FT, F3...)).

      Some of I've seen in photographs and I'm interested in are;

      Canadian National black/white stripe with red nose.
      Canadian Pacific red with white stripe nose.
      AT&SF blue/yellow.
      Rio Grande yellow with five or single black stripe.
      Reading black with green/yellow band.
      Pennsylvania black with yellow stripe.
      Erie some variations.
      Northern Pacific North Coast Limited.
      Florida East Coast red/yellow.
      Burlington white with red band.
      SOO line white with black letter and red nose.

      I believe there are many more paint schemes I've never seen yet.
      The difference between single and dual head light may be problem,
      but I think it is acceptable for Marklin's way.


      Yuji Kuwabara
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