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8154Re: [z_scale] M.T. F7's

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  • zbendtrack@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2002

      > My problem is that need advice on how to get the Micro Trains
      > F7's to run smooth. Over the last couple of years I have owned 3,
      > and not one of them is a good runner. The are rough running and buck
      > and rock down the track.

      There was a recent exchange on this list that taught me a few tricks on the
      MT F7's: good and bad axles (and attached gears).

      It would appear (from a former MT employee on the list) that "most all" F7's
      have "good axles." Now don't ask me what that means, because it was not
      explained on the list. But I can tell you that you have "good" axles if you
      can freely interchange the axles in the trucks, and the direction they run in.

      "Some" axles are "not so good," again, whatever that means. I've had several
      of those kinds of locos sent to me in plastic zip lock bags over the last
      year, when the owners flat gave up.

      However, in every case, they ran as smooth as sewing machines after taking
      the time to find out which axle goes in which truck and in which direction.
      Yes, its a real pain, assembling, testing, and disassembling until you find
      the "perfect place" for each axle. Set aside an hour to "play the placement
      game." The results are worth it.

      I also learned from the list that its a really bad thing to mix up the worms
      and 1st gears after they leave the factory. I've never tried mixing them,
      due to the way I take them apart and lay them out on the workbench. But I'll
      gladly take the author's word on that topic.

      I'm of the opinion that rather than discover if you have "good" or "bad"
      axles the hard way, the proper way is to clearly lay them out on the table as
      you take them apart, and assemble everything exactly the way you found it
      (left/right, truck slot, etc.). Then you will never know which one you
      happen to have.

      Also use the search engine on this list to find a step by step electrical
      shake down I wrote a few weeks back.

      If you are at your wit's end on your F7(s), contact me off list, and I'll do
      the same no-charge repairs for you.

      Anyone else have any ideas to share?

      Bill K.
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