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762Re: The pest is back... What are these Railex?

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  • Ztrack@xxx.xxx
    Jan 7, 2000

      These are Railex items and are on the valuable side. Railex is a German
      manufacturer of high quality Z scale items. Many of their smaller locos are
      non-powered and employed a pusher loco (often hidden in a box car or
      passenger car body) to move the loco. The problem is that their items are
      often very hard to find. Only one dealer in the U.S. carried their line, and
      they have a hard time obtaining their pieces. Without seeing your pieces, I
      am not sure which ones they are, but they have a limited line so it would not
      be hard to track down the item name and release date.

      Rob Kluz
      Ztrack Magazine
      <A HREF="http://www.ztrack.com">www.ztrack.com</A>
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