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761The pest is back... What are these Railex?

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  • tbucy@xxxxxx.xxx
    Jan 7, 2000
      Hi all,

      Sorry to bug everyone again. Feel like a little kid asking all these questions
      I have uncovered a couple of odd locos. They are both very small (shorter
      than the 0-6-0 tenderloc) and appear to be toys. They have no motor and roll
      freely. They are very detailed, probably better then the Marklin locos. One is
      a very old looking steamer with 4 wheels and the other is a very odd 4 wheel
      steamer that looks like a box. The cab seems to take up almost the entire body.
      They both say Railex on the bottom. Are these toys, display pieces, decorations
      for a layout, collector items? Please email if you have any information on these.


      Steve Bucy
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