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7594RE: [z_scale] Really easy way to add wt. to M* engines w/ plastic bodies

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  • Greg Elmassian
    Dec 1, 2001
      Maybe the extra magnetism also beefed up your motors also!

      (Just kidding)...

      Yeah it's heavy, but I think no where near lead... maybe 2/3
      the weight... but whatever is convenient, and more important,
      whatever works..



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      Subject: [z_scale] Really easy way to add wt. to M* engines w/ plastic

      Hello all,

      While waiting in a discount craft store while my significant other
      was buying misc holiday stuff, I noticed rolls of self-adhesive (peel-
      and-stick on one side)refridgerator magnet tape. Its about 1/2-inch
      wide and about 1/16-inch thick and is sold in rolls about 24 inches
      long for 99 cents. The stuff is very heavy, feeling almost like a
      roll of lead. Anyway, I taped appropriately sized
      strips/rectangles/squares on the insides of the plastic engine bodies
      where ever they would fit (mostly on the "ceiling"). I did this on a
      a Marklin F7 (lots of room in this one), an E40, and a class 465
      Swiss loc. The effects are remarkable! All are heavier and run very
      noticeabley better and quieter. The transformation of the E40 was
      most remarkable.

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